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Video Gallery of Crimson and Grey, SJU's Red-Tailed Hawks

Update, August 11th - I have added two more videos by Ben Ellis from August 6th and 8th.

Below, Crimson carries off a squirrel she has killed near Merion Hall, on Friday, August 8th, 2014. 

Below, Iggy is eating a squirrel over on the Merion Campus on Wednesday, August 6th, 2014. 


Below, Iggy joins her sister Swoop (who is still eating the mouse from the video two spots down) and Swoop doesnt want to share (don't worry, Iggy got first dibs on a squirrel later), July 8th. 

Below, Swoop tries to figure out how to eat a mouse that Crimson gave her (Crimson is not in the video, sorry), July 8th.


Below, Crimson (I think it was her but not certain), drops off a squirrel for dinner in the nest. Swoop grabs it and keeps Iggy away (Iggy got food later though, but that is not shown in this video), July 3, 2014.


Below, Swoop, (below the nest) and Iggy get some exercise, July 3, 2014.


Below, Swoop does some balancing exercises in the tree, July 3, 2014.


Below, I catch Iggy as she jumps out of the tree and heads across City Avenue.  I was only able to catch a couple of seconds of her flight. July 2, 2014.


Below, Iggy takes some short flights in the tree, July 2, 2014.


Below, Crimson watches as Iggy (in the nest) eats a squirrel breakfast. Swoop is on the branch above the nest to the right. July 1, 2014.

Swoop takes some short flights of her own, June 30th.


Swoop (bottom of the frame, near the nest) watches Iggy stretch her wings and take some short flights in the tree that has been their home, June 30th. 


Grey brings the squirrel into the nest for Iggy and Swoop. Crimson then flies up and the whole family is in the picture. June 27th.


Iggy (on the left) and Swoop, watch as their parents hunt a squirrel off camera.  Grey comes into view with the squirrel and misses his footing on a branch. Crimson and Grey are both then visible below the nest and it almost looks like they are trying to get Iggy to fledge, but he doesn't. June 27th.

Swoop (on the left) and Iggy, "kissing" in a tree, Friday, June 27th:


Swoop starts "flappercizing" (the flap-jumping behavior John Blakeman described they would be engaging in) and Iggy joins in, Friday, June 27th:


Iggy (E1) taking a very scary walk through the upper branches of the tree on Thursday, June 26th:

Crimson feeding Swoop (E2) and Iggy (E1) on Thursday, June 26th:

Sorry, a bit of my web browser is showing in the frame on the right in the above video. 

The video below is of Crimson feeding E1 (on the far right) and E2 on May 22nd, 2014