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Working Group on Existing Infrastructure



Mission statement for the Sustainability Working Group on Existing Infrastructure

Saint Joseph’s University will fulfill its obligations as a responsible environmental steward and promoter of economic and environmental justice by actively taking steps to conserve resources and promote health and sustainability in the management, operation and construction of all campus buildings and other facilities.


  • We support the broad use of environmentally-friendly chemicals, recycled materials, and the creation of a university-wide policy mandating the use of sustainable products and practices.
  • We will examine and analyze the university’s current practices and policies, as well as current trends and future opportunities which will allow us to make recommendations to promote the economic and environmental health of the university.

Current sustainability practices at relating to existing infrastructure SJU include:

  • Replacing light fixtures with higher efficiency fluorescent (T5 and T8) and LED fixtures.
  • Complete the replacement of single-pane windows with high efficiency windows in LaFarge Hall during the summer of 2010.  This has been completed in Moore Hall, Ashwood and Wynnewood.
  • Use of low VOC paints on campus.
  • Purchasing carpets made of recycled materials.
  • Shifting to more environmentally-friendly cleaners, lubricants, etc.