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Vision, Mission and Goals


Saint Joseph's University will minimize its detrimental impact on the environment and the surrounding community, while at the same time maintaining the highest standards in its mission of education, the advancement of knowledge, student formation and development, and service to the local, regional, national and international communities. This vision will be fulfilled within the framework of the Catholic and Jesuit traditions that are the heritage of Saint Joseph's University, and will be extended beyond SJU by its alumni.


The mission of the University Committee on Sustainability is take a leadership role in identifying, developing, promoting and implementing environmentally sustainable practices for students, staff, and faculty at Saint Joseph's University and in all aspects of its operation.


The Committee on Sustainability will:

  • Promote and support ongoing and new efforts relating to green and sustainability issues at SJU.
  • Publicize new and ongoing efforts within and outside of the SJU community.
  • Solicit input from the SJU community regarding green and sustainability efforts, specifically regarding potential new programs or activities and ways to improve ongoing efforts.
  • Provide information and guidance to the various offices within SJU involved in green and sustainability efforts.
  • Provide a mechanism for communication and planning regarding green and sustainability efforts involving administrative, faculty and student groups, offices and units.
  • Report annually, to the President and SJU community, on progress towards sustainability goals.