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Spaces for Meetings
Spaces For Meetings
Campion Student Center
Francis A. Drexel Library

The Perch

Merion Hall


Spaces to go Before or After Classes For Study/Meetings/Class Work




In Mandeville

  • Lounge located behind coffee/vending station, offers seating for about 20, microwave and a soda/water machine
  • On each floor-various tables and chairs to study/meet
  • To reserve a classroom or the Teletorium (during hours when it is not being used for classes), please email
  • Basement floor-coffee station and tables at the end of the hall
  • Informal lounge area located inside entrance, across from Post Hall-between basement floor and floor 1, and floor 1 and floor 2


In Barbelin

In The Perch

  • The Perch- access with swipe card
  • To reserve for a gathering, contact

In Merion Hall

  • To reserve a classroom, please email

In Francis A. Drexel Library and Post Learning Commons

    • The library has 19 group study rooms available (eight of the rooms have technology to connect laptops).  Students can use on a first-come first served basis. During finals, students have the option of reserving the study rooms.
    • The Presentation Capture Room located on the 2nd floor of the Learning Commons.  This room allows students to practice and record presentations (the room seats 4 people).  Because of the specialized equipment, students must reserve the room by contacting ITDL at or calling x1770.
    • Drexel Library has three additional collaborative work spaces located in the first floor Reference area and one work space in the new Post Learning Commons. Each station has a computer where students can work together on assignments. The stations are available on a first-come, first-served basis.
    • The Curriculum Materials Center is another location for study. The room is a collection of children's literature and education textbooks, but also has five tables for study.
    • Quiet study rooms are located on the second floor
    • Drexel Library has a Presentation Practice room (room 218) for students who wish to reserve a room for group study or to practice a group presentation. The room is fitted with a white board, LCD screen and large meeting table. Students can plug their laptops into the 42" LCD wall screen to work collaboratively on class presentations. SJU students can reserve the room during the following hours:
      8:30am - 10:00pm   Monday - Thursday
      8:30am -   9:00pm   Friday
      10:00am -   6:00pm   Saturday
      10:00am - 10:00pm   Sunday
    • The Audio/Video Editing Rooms allow students to work on multimedia projects. Each room has specialized software and equipment designed for video projects.  Because of the specialized equipment, students must reserve the room by contacting ITDL at or calling x1770. 

    • For more help on reserving rooms, visit the website

In Campion Student Center

  • Tables and lounges on each floor to study/meet
  • Computer lounge area on third floor
  • Three Conference rooms can be reserved that can hold about fifteen people: Campion room 212 and two student life conference rooms across from Campion room 238
  • To reserve President’s Lounge, North Lounge, two Sunrooms (hold 40 people) Banquet Hall (larger meetings),  contact or
  • To reserve the Forum or the new conference room on the first floor, contact or