Student Life

Adult Student Life Office

Student Resources

Counseling and Psychological Services


Career Development Center


Call 610-660-3100 to schedule an appointment, e-mail your quick questions to: or visit us on the web at


Student Health Center

SOURIN HALL (First Floor)
FAX: 610-660-3378

Students in need of emergency care when the Student Health Center is closed should call Security at 610-660-1111.


Information Technology



The Office of Information Technology will be a customer-focused advocate of technologies that facilitate and enrich the learning, teaching and research experiences of Saint Joseph's students and faculty. We will empower the professional and administrative staff to deliver effective, personal support services to all stakeholders of the University.


Campus Ministry


Visit the website for a liturgy and event schedule-


Open Recreation


Haub School Of Business - Graduate Business

 To find out more about the HSB Graduate program, click

College of Professional and Liberal Studies Undergraduate Program

To find out more about the Undergraduate program for the College of Professional and Liberal Studies, click

College of Arts and Sciences Graduate Program

To find out more about the Graduate program for the College of Arts and Sciences, click

Copying and Printing

All students at SJU (part time full time, adult, grad, undergrad, etc.) get 200 copies FREE per semester (Fall, Spring, Summer).

Office of Institutional Diversity

Office of Multicultural Life


Van Service from Hawks' Landing to Maguire Campus

As of February 28th, Public Safety is providing a twelve passenger van continuous loop-shuttle-service from the Hawks' Landing parking facility to the Maguire Campus area. This shuttle service will be provided for the remainder of the Spring semester, Mondays through Thursdays, from 4:00PM to 10:00PM. There is no listed schedule - just wait by the signs which are outside daily from 3:30 PM on, Monday through Thursday.

The van will be identified by a placard in the van window indicating that it is the MAGUIRE CAMPUS SHUTTLE. The van will pick-up in the driveway adjacent to the entrance of Hawks' Landing and will drop-off at the McShain Hall pedestrian path that connects the Merion Campus to the Maguire Campus. Signs will be posted where the van drops off and picks up.

If any individual person has a documented physical disability, he or she should contact Jim Scott (1774 - or Patricia Gregg (1041 - for accommodations.


Abbreviations on Campus

Graduate Students and PLS

  • Graduate students can be enrolled in the College of Arts and Sciences or the Haub School of Business.
  • PLS is the abbreviation for Professional and Liberal Studies. Students in this program are adult undergraduate students.

Campus Buildings

  • BL= Barbelin/Lonergan Hall
  • BE= Bellarmine Hall
  • CA= Campion Student Center
  • CYN= Cynwyd
  • MCS= McShain Hall
  • MH= Merion Hall
  • MR= Moore Hall/Overbrook
  • MV= Mandeville Hall
  • MX= Maguire Sports Complex
  • PO= Post Hall

Campus Departments

  • LRC= Learning Resource Center (302 Science Center)
  • MLO= Multicultural Life Office
  • RLO= Residence Life Office
  • SESS= Student Educational Support Services
  • SLA= Student Life Office

Registration and Course Selection

  • CRN= Course Registration Number
  • TBA or TBD = To Be Announced or To Be Determined