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1) Request Webspace
2) Wait for approval
3) Read Reference Items
4) Begin Editing

How do I get a website?

All University-sponsored student organizations and clubs are entitled to Web space, web editing rights and limited support by SJU professional staff. Those organizations and clubs who choose to Webtake advantage of this Web space must comply with the Guidelines for the Use of Saint Joseph's University Computing and Network Resources. Ownership of, and responsibility, for the Web space will be limited to a single user account.

By using University Web space, student clubs and organizations agree to use official University webpage template and to develop the site within SJU's content management system (CMS). Those students responsible for the upkeep of the organization's site will be trained to use the CMS by SJU professional staff. Clubs and organizations should also understand that the University reserves the right to remove or request the removal of content that violates the University Community Standards.