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Bias Incident Protocol


Saint Joseph's University will not excuse any act of racial, sexual, religious or any other form of social intolerance.


Bias-related incidents involve behavior that is motivated by race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, ethnicity, national origin, age or ability.  Bias-related incidents include, but are not limited to: physical or non-physical abuse, harassment, vandalism, and destruction of property; directed toward a person because of his or her membership (or perceived membership) in one of the aforementioned classes.  Bias-related incidents include those actions that are motivated by bias and may or may not meet the definition of a crime.  Some forms of behavior that are disturbing or threatening may not meet the definitions of bias-related incidents but may still be prohibited by the Community Standards of the University.


Why Report?

Consistent with our Catholic, Jesuit identity, Saint Joseph’s University maintains an environment that fosters respect for the intrinsic dignity and worth of every individual and celebrates diversity.  All members of the university community should assume responsibility for ensuring that the campus is free of discrimination and bias.  By reporting incidents, the University is better able to address bias-related incidents and provide support to those in the Community who are targeted or affected by bias.


How to Report at Bias-Related Incident

The University provides several vehicles for reporting incidents of bias.  There are options for immediate response and options that allow the person reporting to remain anonymous.

To call Public Safety Officer dial 610-660-1111 or activate a blue or red emergency call phone on campus 

If you would like to make an anonymous report of bias – related acts such as graffiti, offensive literature, etc. or you have additional information about an investigation of a previously reported act of bias you can: 

  •  Dial 610-660-1114 (on-campus extension 1114) to reach the anonymous tip line and leave a message. The Anonymous Tip Line is monitored by the Director of Public Safety and information provided will be thoroughly investigated. Though monitored, the Anonymous Tip Line is not meant for emergencies that require immediate action.
  • Place the information you have in the Tip Box in the Drexel Library. The drop-box is situated to the right of the computer classroom on the ground floor and allows for anyone to drop off an anonymous message that will be promptly checked by Public Safety.
  • Fill out an anonymous Tip Form located on the main MySJU website. Click on the “Safety and Security Tip Link” and complete the form. Go to University Home Page. Before logging in look at USEFUL LINKS then under that header click on Safety & Security Tip Box. That will take you to the Public Safety web page that describes the Anonymous reporting options.


Resources for Students:


Students who have concerns about an incident of bias or who would like to discuss their feeling about an incident may contact any of the following offices for assistance, support and advice:

Office of Institutional Diversity – Wolfington Hall 610-660-1015

Office of Multicultural Life – 229 Campion, 610-660-1141

Counseling & Psychological Services – 504A Merion Gardens, 610-660-1090

Student Outreach & Support – 212 Campion, 610-660-1149

Public Safety & Security – 13 Barbelin, 610-660-1111

Resident students may also contact their RA or Residence Life Professional Staff