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Rostro de Cristo is a Catholic program whose mission is to provide spiritual and educational opportunities for young people from the United States to live out the Gospel of Jesus Christ together with the people of Ecuador. The program invites participants to:

  • Lead a simple lifestyle.
  • Build an intentional Christian community.
  • Be in relationship with the Ecuadorian people and reflect on the face of Christ in their joys and struggles.
  • Work with the Ecuadorian people to find long term solutions to the problems of poverty and together seek opportunities to improve the lives of the people.

Rostro de Cristo participants are thus witnesses to the Gospel and a source of hope and light in the community. These experiences inspire life-long commitments to service, social justice, and solidarity with the people of Ecuador and the world.

Saint Joseph's University sponsors service immersion programs in which students spend a week or more living and working in the communities they serve.


Colleen O'Grady
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