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Thanksgiving Dinner Dance



Interested in participating in the Thanksgiving Dinner Dance this year? 

Students: Click here to volunteer for the Thanksgiving Dinner Dance.

Community Members: Contact Andrea Constantino (610)-660-1513.

The Thanksgiving Dinner Dance is an SJU event which brings elderly men and women from the community to sing, dance, eat dinner, and have an awesome time with the St. Joe's student body! There is a band, and also the SJU a cappella groups sing for everyone as well. The Thanksgiving Dinner Dance is a great experience!

The Thanksgiving Dinner Dance will be held on Thursday November 17, 2016 from 5:30-8:30.

Thanksgiving 1 Thanksgiving 2
Thanksgiving 3 Thanksgiving 4
Thanksgiving 5 Thanksgiving 6
Thanksgiving 7 Thanksgiving 8

Thank you to all who came and celebrated TDD!