What is a resume?

A resume is a personalized statement that documents your competencies, accomplishments, skills, abilities and future capabilities.  It is a focused statement used to highlight your knowledge, skills, abilities, educational and experiential background as these characteristics relate to particular jobs/fields that are of interest to you.  To do this effectively you may decide to have more than one version of your resume, especially if you have varied career interests. 

The resume is an essential tool in acquiring a job or internship.  Additionally, many graduate programs require applicants to submit a resume.

For a list of action verbs visit the Career Development's Guide To Writing A Resume.

When printing a resume sample, please click "fit to page" to ensure an accurate document view.

For major specific resume samples, please refer to our Major Overview Sheets

If you are an international student, please view the Resumes for International Students webinar to learn more about best practices for resumes in the United States

For a sample curriculum vitae, please refer to the Chronicle of Higher Education