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Cultural Vistas- Formally AIPT (the Association for International Practical Training), Cultural Vistas provides educational and professional exchange experiences that enhance cultural awareness, develop global competencies, mutual understanding, and international cooperation

FLCData Center- Allows you to search specific companies by state to determine which companies e-filed for H-1B visas. Where it asks for company name, typing just one letter will pull up all companies that begin with that letter. The lists can be downloaded as well.

ForeignMBA - is the Number 1 internet community for MBA students from all around the globe.

US Dept of Labor - Foreign Labor Certification Center - Contains searchable database of companies that have petitioned for H-visas in past years - Your international student and study abroad online portal for those who are looking to further their education overseas. Please browse our site and learn how you can have an international life - Provides reports of Top 100 Visa sponsors by location, occupation, and industry. 

Visa Jobs Near SJU: Provides a listing of Visa sponsors near Saint Joseph's University.

Test of English as a Foreign Language - Information about the TOEFL exam

US Citizenship & Immigration Services - Information about obtaining a citizenship

US Visa News - Their mission is to help individuals and their families through the U.S. immigration process, delivering excellence and the highest possible degree of client satisfaction along the way

Resumes for International Students - Before you begin applying for positions, view this webinar to learn more about best practices for resume-writing in the United States.