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This page is designed to help answer some of the questions you may have about the Community Standards process and provide you with information that can help you best support your student.

Hopefully, the other pages on this website (including the Frequently Asked Questions page) have helped you gain a better understanding of the Office of Community Standards and our role within the campus community. Our process for addressing student violations is based on educational principles. We treat hearings and meetings as opportunities to educate students on the consequences of their decisions and the impact that their actions can have on the community around them.

Our expectations for Saint Joseph’s University students are outlined in the Student Handbook. The Student Handbook is available online at

We have high expectations of what it means to be a HAWK and look forward to your continued partnership and support. Below are some brief points. For more complete information about our process, reference the Student Handbook.

My student has been asked to appear at a hearing regarding possible violations of the University Community Standards. What can I do to help? First, educate yourself on University expectations and our process. The very fact that you found this page is a great first step in supporting your student and guiding him or her through the Community Standards process. While the student is the focus of our process, you can be a source of support and partner in his or her own learning. Conversations will hopefully encourage self-reliance and self-confidence in the student.

What will happen if my student is found responsible for a violation? It depends. The sanctions issued as a result of violations will depend on the seriousness of the violations and what we call “factors in sanctioning.” These factors are outlined in the Student Handbook. Sanctions are educationally focused, but the reality is that there are some violations which warrant a separation from the University.

Will the University notify me of an incident with my student, or the outcome? Sometimes the University does notify parents/guardians of the outcome of a hearing, consistent with our published Community Standards process and FERPA exceptions. Generally speaking, this takes place when there is a status change or a more serious violation/sanction. We encourage students to speak with their parents/guardians about their success in college, including incidents that may come up.

Who can I talk to if I have further questions regarding an incident or the process? Please call the Office of Community Standards with any questions or concerns. We can be reached during normal business hours at 610-660-1046 or Please know that we generally cannot engage in conversations regarding specific incidents without a written FERPA release, but we are happy help as best we can.

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