Student Life

Community Standards

Sanction Compliance

Failure to abide by or complete any sanction shall be considered an additional violation of the Community Standards.

*NOTE: It is very important that students read their outcome letter. The instructions and expectations for any required sanctions should be clearly outlined by the Hearing Officer or Board. It is the responsibility of students to know their deadlines and complete their sanctions on time (or request an extension). If you have any questions, your best bet is to contact the Hearing Officer or Board Moderator directly.

Community Service
Please reference your letter for specific community service requirements. Often there is also a reflection paper to be completed with the service. Generally, the service must be done either at an approved site off campus or through an approved office on campus. Contact your Hearing Officer or Board Moderator for approval prior to participating in service. Failing to receive prior approval may lead to the hours not being counted as complete. Approved off campus sites are non-profit organizations such as places of worship, community centers, soup kitchens, shelters, etc.

For opportunities both on-campus and off-campus, the following individuals are great resources:
   Beth McNamee, Campus Ministry, 610-660-3124
   Pat Goodrich, Facilities, 610-660-3006
   Corey Shannon, Athletics, 610-660-3052

Have the Community Service Log signed by a contact person/site supervisor with his/her contact information. The signed Community Service Log needs to be submitted by the due date noted for the sanction to be marked complete. You can access the log by clicking here [Community Service Log].


To submit payment for a fine online, click the link below. Follow the instructions that appear for the online marketplace. Remember, will you need the Incident Report Number from the incident in which the social fine is sanctioned. This number should be provided on your decision letter. If you would prefer an alternative method of payment, please contact the Office of Community Standards at 610-660-1046 or Campion Student Center, Room 239. The Office of Community Standards no longer accepts payment in our office, but we are happy to work with SJU Student Services and the student for an alternative payment method.


Research/Reflection Papers

If you have been assigned a research/reflection paper, consult your decision letter for the specific guidelines and topics. Unless otherwise stated, please email your paper to the sanctioning hearing officer or board moderator by the due date. After the paper is reviewed, you will be notified if accepted as complete. Unacceptable papers will be returned to students for revision. Papers should be of the quality and format normally associated with academic work.

WADE (Wellness, Alcohol, and Drug Education) programs
IMPACT Class: This one hour workshop is designed to assist each participant in reflecting on the impact of their choices and behaviors on themselves, their peers and their community.  IMPACT utilizes a harm reduction approach in addressing alcohol concerns and provides participants with numerous effective strategies to reduce the risks associated with alcohol for the safety of the entire community.Click here to REGISTER for a session.

Community Living Class: is an hour long interactive class is designed to discuss the impact of parties on the hosts, the people atrtending, the house and the entire neighborhood.  Community Living utilizes a harm reduction approach in addressing alcohol concerns and provides participants with numerous effective strategies to reduce the risks associated with hosting parties with alcohol. Click here to REGISTER for a session.

NOTE: The information included on this webpage does not replace information published within the Student Handbook. For more complete information, please reference the Student Handbook. Please refer to the Sexual Misconduct Policy, which includes the disciplinary process for alleged violations of this policy.