Student Life


How To Make an Appointment

Appointments are usually necessary and can be scheduled by phone (610-660-1090) or in person. If your concern is urgent and you wish to be seen immediately, please inform the administrative assistant when you call so that arrangements can be made to accommodate your needs.

Students with urgent concerns may see one of the professional staff in the Walk-in Center,  54 LaFarge Hall  daily  from 11:00 AM to 12:30 PM. Appointments are not needed for the Walk-in Center.

In the event of an EMERGENCY after normal working hours, you may call PUBLIC SAFETY AND SECURITY at 610-660-1111 if you are on campus or 911 if you are off-campus.

Counseling appointments typically last 45 minutes. If you are late, the appointment time will be less than 45 minutes. If you are more than 15 minutes late for a session, it is advised that you call first to make sure your appointment time was not used for another person or project. Depending on your and your psychologist's availability, you may have to re-schedule your appointment.

For CANCELLATIONS, please notify CAPS as soon as possible, preferably 24 hours in advance. After normal working hours, you may leave your message on voicemail.


Confidential counseling and psychological services are available to full-time students at no charge. The number of sessions for currently enrolled full-time students is mutually decided by the psychologist and the student. Part-time undergraduate and graduate students are eligible to see a psychologist in CAPS for the purposes of consultation, evaluation and/or referral.  For employees of Saint Joseph's University, CAPS staff can provide consultation and referral services only.