Commuter Student Life

Commuter Student Life

Food Services


Meal Options on Campus

Saint Joseph's University offers a variety of dining options, and all students, including commuters, have the opportunity to sign up for a meal plan. Students choose a meal plan that is appropriate for their lifestyle, whether it be all-you-care-to-eat dining or a la carte purchasing.

Where to go-The main cafeteria is located in Campion Student Center, which is the hub of campus. Eating on campus is a great way to join other students to plan club activities, study, and meet new people.

Cosi, located next to Hawks Landing, is another place to order a meal on campus (Cosi accepts Declining Balance). The Bellarmine cafe and the Mandeville vending cart offer coffee and other snacks to grab between classes. There is also a Starbucks right next to campus that accepts Declining Balance.

Declining Balance-If you would rather pay for a meal as you go instead of having a set amount of meals, you have the option of using declining balance. The money you pay for declining balance is credited to your SJU Hawk Swipe Card. You can go to the Gray Cafe (in Campion) or Cosi to use the money to buy a meal. You can add more money online to your Declining Balance as needed.