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SJU Off Campus Community During the Summer Months

With warm weather on the horizon, students will start to engage in more outdoor activities. While the University encourages our students to take advantage of the vibrant campus life at SJU, we also want them to enjoy and experience all that Philadelphia has to offer. At the same time, the University wants students to clearly understand the expectations they have chosen to accept as part of being Saint Joseph's University students.  The Student Handbook states: “The University encourages its students to behave as exemplary citizens when present in the surrounding neighborhood and to demonstrate respect and concern for all members of the local community.” Furthermore, our students are expected to comply with federal, state, and local laws and ordinances.

The University strives to foster a positive living experience for those students living off campus.  If a student chooses to live in or visit the off campus community during the summer, it is important to understand that our Community Standards still apply.  All student members of the University are expected to uphold the standards of this community.  Whether our students are hosting barbecues with friends, going “down the shore”, watching the fireworks on Penn’s Landing during Fourth of July celebrations, or attending one of the many street fairs and festivals in Philadelphia, they represent Saint Joseph’s University.  Knowing their rights and responsibilities will make the warmer months and activities more enjoyable for all. For more information, visit and campus and commuter student life