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Residence Life

Break Housing Information


Please read and review the following guidelines for the privilege of remaining on campus while the residence halls are closed for the break period:


  • All University policies and procedures are in effect.
  • During this break period, residents will not be permitted to have guests (Except Junior/Senior Exlusive Communities - Merion Gardens & Townhouses).  
  • Residents involved in any disciplinary or safety related incident will be asked to leave immediately and will be responsible for making arrangements for off-campus accommodations. In addition, they will forfeit the privilege of remaining on campus for future break periods.  
  • The cost of any common area damage which occurs in the building during the break period will be divided between all students that had an exception to remain in the building.
  •  Cooking is prohibited in the residence halls (except University Apartments). Dining Services may be open on a limited schedule.  Check the following website for Dining Hours of Operation - 

The phone number for Saint Joseph’s security is 610-660-1111. Please utilize the University escort service accordingly. Always contact security in the event of an emergency or if you are concerned for your personal safety.