Student Life

Residence Life


Process for Current Sophomore and Junior Students
(rising juniors and seniors)

For the upcoming academic year, we anticipate having around 500 on-campus housing spaces for interested upperclassmen.  Those upperclassmen students who wish to live on campus and participate in the housing selection process will need to complete a Housing Agreement through the Housing Portal via MySJU.  Please note, once the housing agreement has been completed a student is guaranteed on-campus housing. Additionally, the housing agreement is binding for the entire academic year (fall & spring semesters) and students will not be released except for extraordinary circumstances.

In March, students participating in the housing selection process will be able to log into the housing portal via “MySJU” to find out their housing selection date and time. The housing selection process will begin after spring break, and will be conducted via the web, much like class registration. Available housing options will very depending on the assigned housing selection date & time of the student. Current juniors will choose first, sophomores second, and then current freshman.

Finally, it is highly encouraged that all students who enter the housing selection process review all housing literature provided concerning participation in these processes.

Specific dates regarding the housing lottery & selection process are listed in the Housing selection timeline.


CURRENT RESIDENT SOPHOMORES, JUNIORS AND SENIORS who wish to continue in University housing for the upcoming academic year will apply for housing via the web at the start of the spring semester. If the number of upperclassmen students who apply for housing exceeds the number of beds available, a process will be run that will randomly select Housing Lottery Applicants to participate in Housing selection (a lottery to get into the Housing Selection process). If the number of upperclassmen who apply does not exceed the available beds, everyone will be selected to participate in housing selection. We do not anticipate the need for a lottery process for upperclassmen the upcoming academic year.


• You must be a current resident student in good standing, currently enrolled for a minimum of 12 undergraduate credits, and enrolling for a minimum of 12 credits for the upcoming fall semester.


The University uses an on-line room selection process for current resident students to choose their room for the upcoming academic year. Once it is determined who makes it into the the housing selection pool, selection times will be assigned randomly by class year. Current seniors will choose first, juniors second, then sophomores, and freshmen.

The housing lottery and room selection will be conducted via the web, much like class registration. All of the Housing Selection “rules” will be the same (e.g., in regards to filling a room to capacity, but you will be able to make your choice where it is most convenient for you).