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Medical Accommodation

In order to ensure that we meet the specific needs of students, it is important that students with documented medical need review the following information regarding the Housing Selection Process.

Students with a medical need must note this information in the designated location within the Housing Agreement. Students are also encouraged to submit supporting documentation from a physician to the Office of Student Success & Education Support. Information about the documentation process may be found here.

Students who have indicated a medical need will be contacted by the Office of Residence Life prior to the assignment of selection dates and times. This email will provide information regarding the options for a medical need placement. These options are listed below:

Option 1: Administrative Assignment

 In order to guarantee placement in a building that meets a student's medical need, Residence Life may administratively assign a student prior the self-selection process. The advantage to this option is that the student will be guaranteed housing assignment that meets the documented need. Additionally this option does allow for one preferred roommate request. A roommate request must be mutually accepted through the Housing Application to confirm that the request is amicable. A disadvantage to this option is that students who are administratively placed do not get to select a building of their choice. This is left to our office’s discretion based on what we feel is the best building option to address the need. 

Option 2: Participate in Self-Selection

The advantage to self-selection is the ability to select the building and room type based on the available inventory during the assigned selection date/time. The disadvantage to this option is that we cannot guarantee the availability of a space to meet the documented need at the time of selection. There is a risk involved in participating in self-selection. Also, please be aware that single rooms are not available for selection during this process.

If a student participates in the Housing Selection Process and is unable to select a space that meeds the medical need, the Office of Residence Life will offer a room change to ONLY the studen with the medical need. Room changes based on medical need following the formal selection process may not accommodate specific roommate requests.