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How are housing assignments for next year chosen? 

The University uses an on-line selection process for current students to choose their room for the upcoming academic year. Selection times will be assigned randomly, by class year, to all students with a completed Housing Agreement on file. Current seniors will choose first, juniors second, then sophomores, and freshmen.

Room selection will be conducted via the web, much like class registration. All of the Housing Selection “rules” will be the same (e.g., in regards to filling a room to capacity), but one will be able to make your choice where it is most convenient for them.

Selection times are generated randomly through a computer program. The only ranking factor is academic class standing. For instance, a senior will usually be assigned a selection date and time ahead of a junior. The first selection time (the one with the first choice) would be ‘8:00 a.m.’ with later choices following in two minute intervals (i.e., 8:02 a.m., 8:04 a.m. and so on).

What are the minimum requirements for eligibility?   You must be a current student in good standing, currently enrolled for a minimum of 12 undergraduate credits, and enrolling for a minimum of 12 credits for the semester.

Is the Housing Agreement binding for one semester or the entire year?

The University Housing Agreement is a binding contract for the entire academic year. and becomes valid upon receipt. Students who sign this agreement will NOT be released from this obligation due to such reasons as dissatisfaction with a room choice or availability of off-campus housing.

Who gets priority in the Housing Selection Process?  

Priority is by class year. Current seniors going into a fifth year will have first priority, then current t juniors, sophomores, and finally freshmen. Selection times in each class year will be randomly generated by computer program.

What if I am going to study abroad/internship and will be here for only one semester- Can I be released from my Housing Agreement for an academic program?

Since you will be leaving for an academic program, your Housing Agreement becomes void for the semester you are not on campus (i.e., abroad or completing a co-op/intership greater than 30 miles from SJU).

What if I am thinking about participating in the Study Abroad program for Fall, but do not know for sure yet?  

If you do not know for sure if you are studying abroad, it is best to go through the Housing Selection process and choose a room so that you are sure to have an assignment for Fall. Once you know for sure that you are going, notify the Office of Residence Life. We will confirm that you are going, take you out of housing and will contact you via SJU email in November about Spring housing options.

How do I get out of my Housing Agreement if I do not get the room I wanted or find a cheaper place off campus?  

This is NOT an option. The Housing Agreement is binding. You cannot enter into a University Agreement and an off-campus contract. If you do so, you will still be assigned to an on-campus housing assignment and held financially responsible for that assignment.

Why are some building and rooms not available in the housing selection?  

Rooms are “BLOCKED OFF” in LaFarge, Sourin, McShain, Overbrook and some of the Campus Houses for the incoming freshman class prior Housing Selection. Additionally, Living Learning communities have been pre-assigned to the following locations: Business -  floor City Ave 5320 3rd Floor, Romero Community Service - Townhouses, Arts Community - Jordan.

What if I do not select a room during the Housing Selection process?  

Failure to select your room at your scheduled selection time will result in the process progressing without you. You may go in and select your room any time after your assigned selection date and time. If you miss the process altogether, you will be administratively assigned to a room space after all of assigned housing selection times have passed.

How do I select a room to meet a medical condition?  

Indicate any medical conditions that would effect your housing assignment on your Housing Agreement. Medical conditions do not guarantee the selection of a specific room/building assignment, but only an assignment the meets the specific needs. Actual room assignment will be made by the Office of Residence Life. You may request one roommate to be assigned with you.

WE GUARANTEE HOUSING ONLY. We do not guarantee you will sign into your first housing choice.

What is an "Upgradable" Room?  

If you see an attribute next to a room that says “Upgradable,” this means that it is an apartment that can have an additional person voluntarily pulled in beyond it’s capacity (i.e., a fifth person in an Ashwood 2-bedroom apartment). If you choose one of these rooms, and wish to upgrade the space, you will need to contact the Office of Residence Life after your selection is complete to have us administratively assign the additional person into the space.

How do I access the Housing Selection Process on the Web:  

Instructions :

Step 1: Complete Housing Agreement

All students required or intending to live on-campus must complete a Housing Agreement by the designated date on the timeline. Agreements should be completed online by logging into The Nest.

  1. Enter your username and password in the Secured Access Login box on the The Nest home page.
  2. Within the "Residence Life" box within "Student Services," click on "Housing Application

    Please note that the housing agreement is a binding agreement for the entire academic year and students will not be released except for extraordinary circumstances.

 Step 2: View Selection Time & Search Rooms

  • On the published dates, students who have completed the housing agreement will be able to log into The Nest to view their randomly assigned Housing Selection Date and Time.
  • Also on these dates, students may begin to use the room search feature in the housing selection module in The Nest. This feature offers students an opportunity to view all available bed spaces. Once students begin making housing selections fewer spaces will appear as available.

Step 3: Select Your Room

For questions about your housing assignment, please contact the Residence Life Office at 610-660-1060. If you experience technical problems, please contact the SJU Information Technology Help Desk by email at HelpDesk or by phone at 610-660-3070.

What is the difference between the “Housing Lottery” and the “Housing Selection” process?  

There is no "Housing Lottery" - all students with a completed Housing Agreement are guaranteed on-campus housing!

The “Housing selection” process is used to describe the completion of a housing contract, making a housing reservation deposit (current sophomores and juniors), and finally selecting an on-campus housing assignment for the following academic year. Depending on enrollment, the “Housing Lottery” is used to describe the process rising juniors and seniors (current sophomores and juniors) participate in for a chance to participate in the “Housing Selection” process.  The "Housing Lottery" is not in effect for this year's Housing Selection process.