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Romero Learning Community

"This is what we are about: we plant seeds that one day will grow.  We water seeds already planted, knowing that they hold future promise.  We lay foundations that will need future development.  It may be incomplete, but it is a beginning, a step along the way, an opportunity for God's grace to enter and do the rest."

Designed as an intentional living community, the Romero RLC is as ideal living environment for students interested in community service, social justice and advocacy work.  Romero members will participate in service opportunities throughout the Philadelphia area and will benefit from unique programs designed to introduce students to complex social issues.  Students will have the opportunity to interact with SJU faculty and staff as well as local non-profit agencies and service sites as they explore the process of social service and change.  Residents host reflection dinners and discussions in addition to experiential programming.  Students will be able to examine careers in social service and will learn how to infuse social justice into their lives no matter what career they ultimately choose.  The Romero RLC is located in Saint Mary's Hall

Get to Know the Romero RLC RA

Name: Bill Miller

Class Year: 2014

Major: Actuarial Science

Hometown: West Chester, PA

Fun Fact: Although I have traveled extensively throughout the United States from Florida to Washington state, I have never left the country. 

Why are you excited to be the RLC RA?

The Romero RLC is going to provide me an opportunity to see students come together as a community to explore social justice issues affecting our area. During the past year, I have been heavily invested in different service programs, which have taught me a lot about the injustices within our local area and the importance of community and building relationships. I am excited to help foster and become part of a new community that shares an interest in service. Overall, I am excited to build new relationships and learn more about myself and others in the process. 

Why should someone apply to the RLC?

Students should apply for the Romero RLC if they have an interest in community service. Through the RLC, we will be running programs, which explore social justice issues facing the area. Also, you will be living with other students who share this common interest of service. You will be able to discuss your service experiences and reflect upon why you serve others. Through these relationships in the RLC, you will learn more about yourself and others.  Anyone who is interested in becoming part of a community on campus that is interested in service, please apply for the Romero RLC.