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Thanksgiving Break Housing Information

Buildings will close for the Thanksgiving Break at 6:00pm on Tuesday, November 22, 2016 and will reopen at 10:00am on Sunday, November 27 , 2016. Please review the following information for instructions to request Thanksgiving Break Housing.

Extension through noon 11/23:  Students who have academic obligations may request a limited extension through 12:00pm on Wednesday, November 23rd, should contact their Residential Area Manager/Residence Hall Manager to make this request.  

Residence Life Staff Contact Information

Break Housing requests between Noon 11/22 and 10am 11/27: Please submit your request using the form below. All requests must be received by the Office of Residence Life no later than 5:00pm, Friday, November 18th. Requests that are received after this date may not be approved.

Break Housing is available for students needing to stay on campus during the break period. Requests will only be granted for extraordinary or school or travel-related purposes. Additionally, students applying for break housing must agree to the Break Housing Expectations.

THANKSGIVING BREAK REQUEST FORM - The deadline to submit a request has passed.

McShain Hall, Rashford Hall, Merion Gardens Apartments and Townhouses will remain open during the break for students needing to stay on campus. All approved students who do not currently live in one of these buildings will need to complete a Host Agreement and arrange to relocate to one of these aforementioned buildings. Because of security concerns, no exceptions will be made. Students are encouraged to seek out accommodations with friends who live in one of these buildings if they will need to consolidate.  It is the responsibility of the guest student to make arrangements to borrow keys from their host student. The Office of Residence Life will not distribute keys for break housing under any circumstances.

Break Housing Expectations

Host Agreement  (for students who do not live in McShain, Rashford, Townhouses or Merion Gardens)

Students who are approved for Break Housing will receive a notification of their approval in an email. Any student who is found in the building during the duration of the break without approval are in violation of Community Standards and may face sanctions and/or fines.