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Multicultural Life


DIVERSITY LECTURE SERIES : A way to diversity thought on campus with the hope that a change in ideology would initiate a change in action. The point of this program is not to throw history and issues of diversity in students' faces but to put in a proper context so that every point of view is heard and understood. This program was created in 2001 and has been consistent in the tradition of addressing topics of diversity head on.

OML LEADERSHIP TRAINING: Training for development of leadership skills and group management.

OML MULTICULTURAL RETREAT: Held every October , our retreat allows for all students to come together in an atmosphere away from the campus to work on skills and socially become accustomed to life on our campus. We have visited places in Baltimore, Washington D.C., Virginia, and regional Pennsylvania, just to name a few.

SHOPPING SOCIAL TRIP: Dealing with the stress of school? Have you had time to pick up that shirt you so desperately craved? Need an activity to be a part of? Interested in meeting new people? The OML Shopping Excursion is here. Visit the "Outlets" with all of your favorite stores and outlets. Round Trip transportation provided by the office of Multicultural Life.

INTERCULTURAL WEEK: A week in which Multicultural Affairs on campus and nationally are the central focus. Featuring a cultural comedy show, an international food festival , and a multicultural endeavor recognition ceremony, and culminating with a multicultural festival, this week is definitely the highlight of the Office of Multicultural Life's academic school year.

MLK LUNCHEON : A program introduced to highlight the contributions of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. ran in correlation with his birthday and national holiday.

HISPANIC HERITAGE MONTH : Featuring programs by our Latino Student Assocation, including Diversity Lecture Speakers and movie nights. Stay tuned for more information on how we will bring in Hispanic Heritage Month this year.

MULTICULTURAL STUDENT GROUP EVENTS : From our ASA cultural show , our CSA carribean dinner, Harambee's "Week of the African Child", to LSA's Hispanic Heritage Month Observances, to BSU's annual talent show our multicultural student groups feature programs centered around educational, cultural, social, and recreational themes.

SENIOR RECOGNITION EVENTS: The rites of passage program is held during our Intercultural Week to honor and recognize our seniors involved in multicultural endeavors on the campus. This emotional event is necessary in our commitment to thanking students and praising their commitments over the years.

MULTICULTURAL ALUMNI NETWORKING NIGHT : This program allows for our Alum to establish a bridge with our current seniors. Career advice and life advice are a few of the discussion points of this evening's itineraries.

MULTICULTURAL FESTIVAL: This program is a multicultural extravaganza celebrating the differences and similarities that we all share as diverse people. Featuring drama, poetry, live music, cultural dance, and cultural education entertainment, this event seeks to promote cultural awareness as the audience peaks into the world of another culture. Serves as the grand finale to Intercultural Week.