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Running Start: A Pre-Collegiate Program for Incoming Students


Running Start: A Pre-Collegiate Program for Incoming Students

Tuesday, August 18 – Friday, August 21

Cost: $50 (Limited Scholarships Available)

Application: Will be available on June 1, 2015. 

Deadline to apply is July 6, 2015


Running Start is a four day intensive program geared to support first year students. In keeping with the university's commitment to diversity, the purpose of this program is to assist the acclimation of those that are the first in their family to attend college, traditionally marginalized and underrepresented students, and those from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds towards a rewarding and inclusive collegiate experience. 

Participants in the Running Start Program will be offered an array of workshops, seminars, and activities that empower them to be advocates for their academic success, facilitate opportunities for networking and teambuilding, and contribute to a vibrant Hawk Hill. Graduates of the Running STart Program have found the Running STart Program beneficial to their academic growth and personal development, service in multiple leadership positions on and off campus and provide informal mentoring and support to the campus community. 


Here's what some of our previous participants have to say...

"I can honestly say that Running Start provided me with an advantageous edge when school started because of the connections and lasting friendships I made through the program. My college experience has benefited from it greatly, and I would not have excelled in all the ways that I have without the Running Start Program. I would highly recommend the program to any incoming any student, but especially for multicultural/minority students. This program has built me a strong foundation of friends and mentors that will last for the duration of my college experience. I am confident that I will see the benefits of the Running Start Program all throughout my time at Saint Joseph's, and any student that participates in this program can expect the same foundation to be built for them."  
- Eric, Running Start 2013
"I enjoyed it because I was able to enjoy campus without an overwhelming amount of people and really connect with the students on campus at the time. I was able to learn my way around campus before classes started and kept a close group of friends throughout my first year at college."
 - Karina, Running Start 2013
"I met my best friend Nini through Running Start. We bonded over Philly cheese-steaks."
 - Amiah, Running Start 2013
"All of the things that scared me the most about starting college- finding friends, making good first impressions, time management- became the things that come naturally to me now because of Running Start."
 - Theresa, Running Start 2013