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Philadelphia Service Immersion Program (PSIP)

Student Leaders, Coordinators and Intern 2012
   PSIP Intern 

Carlo Cinaglia Carlo Cinaglia '14 
Spanish / Linguistics / Sociology / Latin American & Faith-Justice Studies
Newark, DE

Hey class of 2016! Welcome to THE BEST program on campus! Okay, I realize I'm a little biased here, but hey, can you blame me? I took part in PSIP as a freshman, and it's the reason I'm so in love with SJU today. This program opened my eyes to the diverse culture of Philadelphia while leading me to participate in various service-related activiites all throughout Philadelphia during my entire freshman year, including a service-learning class and a weekly service program called Magis.

Through PSIP you will immerse yourself in the City of Brotherly Love, getting to know a fantastic community of people while you explore your new backyard together. I'm stoked to be working with PSIP again this year, and I can't wait to meet you all in August! Get ready for an awesome time!





PSIP Coordinators

Gillian ClarkGillian Clark '13
International Business / German / Faith-Justice Studies
Scotch Plains, NJ

Welcome Class of 2016 to Saint Joseph's University! My name is Gillian and I am a rising Senior with a major in International Business and minors in German and Faith-Justice. I am beyond excited to be one of the Coordinators for PSIP this year, which is an incredible program and a great way to jump-start your four years at SJU. I can't wait to meet each and every one of you! I participated in PSIP my freshman year, and it was one of the best decisions I made at Saint Joe's. I am currently involved in: City Belles (a cappella), Koinonia, Summer Scholars, Hawk Hosts, and I will be a leader for the next Appalachian Experience. I have participated and led the Winter Immersion Program to the Gulf Coast, been to Roanoke, Virginia, Neon and Hazard, Kentucky in the Appalachian Experience, and have been in a service-learning class. Enjoy your summer and get ready for this amazing experience!


Ryan Musso Ryan Musso '14
Leadership, Ethics, and Organizational Sustainability
Andover, MA

Welcome to PSIP, class of 2016! My name is Ryan Musso, and I am a Junior from Massachusetts. Coming to college can be a nerve-racking experience, but through PSIP you have the opportunity to meet a bunch of amazing people, get familiar with the Saint Joseph's University campus before school starts, and learn about all of the wonderful opportunities that the great city of Philadelphia has to offer. I participated in PSIP as a freshman, lead PSIP as a sophomore, and now I am thrilled to be a coordinator this year. I met two of my best friends at SJU during PSIP, discovered I have a passion for service, and learned the importance of making my college experience what I wanted it to be. Some activities I involved myself in are Chapel Choir, Koinonia, Urban Challenge, Ignatian Famliy Teach In, SOA/WHINSEC protest, traveled to Johnson City, Tennessee & Neon, Kentucky for Appalachian Experience over the past two spring breaks, Hawk Host tour guide, and I'm Placement Liaison in the Faith-Justice Institute for service-learning classes. I look forward to meeting every single one of you and get ready for a once-in-a-lifetime experience!




PSIP Student Leaders

Dawn CaiWeiyi (Dawn) Cai '15
Communication Studies
Hangzhou, China

I can't even start to tell you how excited I am for my second round of PSIP with all of you, Class of 2016! My name is Weiyi Cai AKA Dawn, so just call me that :) My first year here at St. Joe's has been nothing but amazing. Starting with PSIP, I have been involved in multiple service programs: service-learning course, Winter Immersion Trip to the Gulf Coast, Appalachian Experience to West Virginia, as well as Community Day. I went on the freshman retreat Ignite; it is where the awesome picture displayed next to this paragraph was taken. I am currently the Layout Editor for our school's newspaper, The Hawk. I love the job unconditionally; I basically can't live without Photoshop, haha.

All the time I say that I cannot imagine being anywhere else now and I appreciate PSIP every day for being the perfect start of my college life. I'm thrilled to be your leader this year. Even though I'm from across the Pacific, I swear you will not get lost in Philly with me. Can't wait to meet you all in August and get ready for the crazy and incredible experience of PSIP as well as your life at St. Joe's!


Danielle CritelliDanielle Critelli '13
Food Marketing / Leadership, Ethics, and Organizational Sustainability
Holmdel, NJ

Hi freshmen! Congrats on choosing SJU! I started off my time here doing PSIP and it couldn't have been a better decision, as I feel that jump started my passion for service. I loved moving in early, met a lot of great people that I am still friends with now, enjoyed serving at the Abigail House (a center for adults with physical and intellectual disabilities) in Camden, and got to explore Philadelphia all before my roommates moved in. During my time here at Saint Joe's, I did Magis (a weekly service group for freshmen - do it!) and went to Women of Change my sophomore year. My freshman year, I went to Neon, Kentucky for the Appalachian Experience, Alleghany Highlands the following year, and back to Neion this past year, and am so excited that I will be a leader this upcoming year! I went to Guatemala on a Summer Immersion Trip the May of my sophomore year, and went to Nicaragua with a Fair Trade Coffee class this past May. I studied abroad in Florence, Italy the fall semester of my junior year, and had the best time! I am a Placement Liaison in the Faith-Justice Institute, which coordinates the service-learning classes. I was a leader on Ignite IV, a freshman retreat that happens a few times a year. My best advice is to try to get involved in as much as you can during your freshman year, because you then can figure out what you have passions for and continue following those the next few years.


Rosie DeFilippoRosie DeFilippo '15
Leadership, Ethics, and Organizational Sustainability / Philosophy
Albany, NY

Welcome to SJU, Class of 2016! You have all made an awesome choice by starting out your time at St. Joe's by participating in PSIP! My name is Rosie and I am a rising sophomore who is a double major in Philosophy and Leadership, Ethics, and Organizational Sustainability. I started off my freshman year with PSIP and it has impacted my interest in service-based activities here; I participated in service-learning and am a Service Scholar for the Faith-Justice Institute. This past year, I became involved in the Women's Rugby team, University Singers, Koinonia, and the Ignite Retreat. PSIP is an awesome introduction to Philadelphia, and to your new SJU community. I am so thrilled that you are a part of it and I can't wait to meet you soon!! Welcome to St. Joe's!


Christine DignamChristine Dignam '15
Psychology / Spanish
Philadelphia, PA

A big shout out to the incoming freshmen of the class of 2016! Get ready for the beginning of the best four years of your life! My name is Christine Dignam, and I'm a rising Sophomore, born and raised in the city of brotherly love. At SJU, I am involved in many activities including singing in the chapel choir, mentoring at Overbrook High School through Weekly Service, acting as the Music Coordinator of our fantastic female a cappella group the City Belles, working as a SCHOLAR at the Kinney Center for Autism, and more. I am absolutely ecstatic to be a PSIP leader and to have the chance to meet all of you! PSIP is an incredible experience where you will become acquainted with the beautiful city of Philadelphia, get a taste of what the Jesuit philosophy is all about, and meet some amazing people whom you will eventually call your best friends. It's an opportunity that you don't want to miss! I can't wait to see you all soon!


Meg Donovan Meg Donovan '13
Business Intelligence / Spanish / Management
Havertown, PA

Welcome to SJU, Class of 2016! I am a senior Business Intelligence Major, and I am so excited to be leading PSIP 2012! At SJU I have been a part of Appalachia, Winter Immersion Program to the Gulf Coast, Magis, Weekly Service, Koinonia, I led the Ignite retreat and I am a brother of the Phi Sigma Pi Honors Fraternity. PSIP is a great way to get to know fellow classmates and the city where you'll spend the next four years. I hope to make this experience a great one for you and that you will all grow to love and find a home at St. Joe's and Philadelphia the way I have!


Kelly FranceKelly France '14
History / Music / Political Science
Plano, TX

Hey all you freshman! I am ecstatic to be leading PSIP this year! PSIP was by far the best decision I made when beginning my college experience. This program made me a better person, friend, leader, and Philadelphian. Being from Texas, the Philly scene was very new to me; PSIP allowed me to become familiar with my new home. I hope that I can provide the same experience for you and if possible make it even better. Since participating in PSIP I have become involved in so many other service opportunities on campus such as: weekly service, up till dawn, Hand in Hand, and Fun day. I also do Koinonia, play piano on campus, and I am on the club lacrosse team. I am so excited to meet all of you and to help you transition into a life full of service, great friends and amazing experiences at St. Joes!


Graziella Ioele '15Graziella Ioele
International Relations / Faith-Justice Studies
Franklin Square, NY

Hello Class of 2016!! My name is Graziella, I am a sophomore at SJU and I am so excited to meet all of you!! I did PSIP my freshman year and it was one of the best experiences I've had at Saint Joe's and it really gave me an amazing head start at this school! I met many of my friends doing PSIP and had so much fun doing service! After the program I participated in Service-Learning, the Ignite retreat, Urban Plunge, and the Appalachian Experience to Phelps, KY. Outside of service based programs I've joined many clubs and I am part of a Koinonia group. This is an amazing program, and the friends you make and the experiences you have doing service will stay with you throughout your entire time at SJU!! See you soon!



Andrea Ito


Andrea Ito '14
Biology / Health Care Ethics / Faith-Justice Studies
San Diego, CA

Hey class of 2016! I'm so excited to welcome you to SJU. I'm a junior Biology Major, Health Care Ethics and Faith-Justice minor. I'm a Fellow in the Institute of Catholic Bioethics, a Hawk Host for Admissions and have participated in several service opportunities and Appalachian Experience for the past two years. Participating in PSIP as an incoming freshman was one of the best things I ever did and ahs influenced so much of what I'm involved in now. It's a great way to immerse yourself in service, the SJU community, and what it means to be a Hawk. I can't wait to meet all of you and introduce you to some of what St. Joe's and Philadelphia have to offer!


 Eric JablonskiEric Jablonski '15
Sports Marketing
Bayonne, NJ

What's up Class of 2016! My name is Eric Jablonski and I am a sophomore, sports marketing major from Bayonne, NJ. I'm so excited to be a PSIP leader because it really is the greatest program on campus. Not only will you have a great time and make some of your best friends at PSIP, but you will also get to experience Philadelphia in a way that you never thought that you would. In addition to PSIP, I have participated in many other various activities and programs offered at St. Joe's such as a service-learning class, the Urban Plunge retreat, the Appalachian Experience to Phelps, KY, Koinonia, the Ignite Freshman retreat, the Emerging Leaders RLC, Radio 1851, and various intramural sports. PSIP is a unique program that you only get experience once as a participant, so make the most of it. I'm looking forward to meeting you all and showing you why PSIP is as great as it is. See you in August and GET PUMPED!


Christian McCormickChristian McCormick '14
Finance / Sports Marketing
Rye, NH

Hey Class of 2016! My name is Christian and I am a rising Junior and I am a Finance and Sports Marketing double major. I am from Rye, NH and I participated in the PSIP program as a freshman, and it helped me get to know the city of Philadelphia really well while doing great service. I was a PSIP leader last year and along with PSIP I have been involved with the Magis program, the Winter Immersion Program to El Salvador, the Appalachian Experience, Sigma Pi Fraternity, and Intramural sports. PSIP is a great way to start off your service career at SJU, and an excellent way to start off your extracurricular involvement at school. This program will also help you get to know other incoming freshmen before school starts. Hope you guys are read for a great experience by participating in PSIP this year and I look forward to meeting all of you.


Tony NewtonTony Newton '15
Risk Management and Insurance / Ancient Studies
Philadelphia, PA

Welcome class of 2016! My name is Tony Newton and I am going to be a sophomore this year. Congratulations on taking the first step in your college career. PSIP is an amazing opportunity for you to move in early, get to know your college campus a little better, explore the great city of Philadelphia, and do service all at the same time! The best decision I made freshman year was to do PSIP and I am happy you have chosen the same. Some activities I participated in freshman year were Weekly Service with Young Athletes at Special Olympics, Hand-In-Hand, Koinonia, ARC dances, Eucharistic Minister and a lot more. Through service opportunities I was able to go to Cambed, New Jersey and both the cities of Bayou la Batre, Alabama and New Orleans, Louisiana to help serve people. In the fall I will be a Hawk Host, as well as a Placement Liaison for the Faith-Justice Institute with the service-learning classes. I look forward to meeting you all!


Lianette PappaterraLianette Pappaterra '15
Biology / Health Care Ethics / English
Landing, NJ

Hello and welcome to the Class of 2016!! My name is Lianette, and I cannot be more excited to be a leader of PSIP 2012! As a PSIP participant last year, I know that PSIP is not only an introduction to the great city of Philadelphia, but also an incredible opportunity to meet new fredns and delve right into SJU's ideals of social justice and service to others. PSIP kick-started my love of Saint Joe's and my involvement on campus, and I am ecstatic to be a part of that experience for you! My PSIP community service site became my weekly service site, so I go to Northern Home every week and work with kids at their after-school program. I also participated in two freshman retreats, Urban Plunge and Ignite, and traveled to El Paso, TX to learn about border immigration as part of the Winter Immersion Program. As a biology major, I do research in a biology professor's lab, and am spending my summer doing Summer Scholars. I am looking forward to meeting all of you, so get ready for PSIP 2012!!


Ryan PardoRyan Pardo '13
Psychology / Linguistics
Cedar Knolls, NJ

Hey class of 2016! First of all congratulations on making a life changing choice when deciding to come to Saint Joe's. My name is Ryan Pardo and I'm a rising senior this year. I participated in PSIP last year as one of the student leaders and the experience introduced me to different cultures and communities around the Philadelphia area. One of the most important things I have learned since becoming involved at Saint Joe's is that this cmapus has no limits. There may be tangible walls and fences that serve as reminders of the buildings of SJU, but there are literally no limits to this campus. I have been fortunate to travel to Ecuador, Guatemala, El Paso, TX, Hazard, KY, and Camden, NJ through programs the school has to offer. I am also involved in Hand in Hand, Koinonia, Weekly Service, and intramural sports. It is very important to get involved in various clubs and activities on campus to not only make friendships but also make this place feel like home. I hope your summers are wonderful. I cannot wait to meet each and every single one of you!!!


Katie RiceKatie Rice '15
Food Marketing / International Business
Flemington, NJ

Hi Freshmen! I am so happy you have decided to get involved with PSIP here at SJU! My name is Katie Rice, a sophomore Food Marketing major with a minor in International Business. I am from Flemington, NJ, only about an hour away. I am involved with many on-campus activities including Club Swimming, Koinonia, and the Appalachian Experience. I love to travel and spend time with my friends, and summer is my favorite season. PSIP is a great way to transition into college. You will meet many great friends from SJU and at our service site. I look forward to meeting all of you!




Billy SantucciBilly Santucci '13
History / Theology / English
Clarksville, MD

Hello class of 2016! I am a Senior History Major with minors in Theology and English. I am involved in the Appalachian Experience as a leader, a Participant in Hand in Hand, the largest run organization on campus, as well as intramural basketball and soccer. I studied abroad in Galway, Ireland, and went to Guatemala last summer with the Summer Immersion Program. PSIP is a great way to start freshman year. I participated my freshman year, was a leader sophomore year, and loved every moment of it. PSIP changed what my college experience could have been and I don't regret it at all. There is no program like it on campus. I can't wait to meet all of you and show you what Saint Joe's is all about. See you in August.


Shaun SchollShaun Scholl '15
Undecided Social Sciences
Eastchester, NY

Hey, what's up PSIPers?! I'm Shaun Scholl and I am a leader this year for the greatest program at SJU. I cannot describe how awesome PSIP is, so I won't even try. You will love it and it will change your life for the better, that's the best and only way that I can describe it. I am going to be a sophomore this year and I went on PSIP last year. PSIP really welcomed me into the SJU Community and I can't wait to do the same for you. I am currently undeclared, but I am thinking about majoring in either Sociolgy or Psychology with a minor in Leadership, Ethics, and Organizational Sustainability. I love to play sports: cross country, sprinting, mid-distance, soccer, baseball, basketball, swimming and yes, even lightsaber battles. I love to explore and to go on adventures. I've found a couple of hidden things around SJU that are pretty awesome and that I will show you if you want to know. I'm really excited to meet you and to not only teach you some of the lessons that I have learned but also for me to learn from you. This experience works both ways and I can't wait until it starts, so get excited and welcome to Saint Joe's!


Katie SmithKatie Smith '13
Interdisciplinary Health Services / Biology / Faith-Justice Studies / Health Care Ethics / Theology
Lancaster, PA

Welcome to Hawk Hill, Class of 2016!! We are all super excited to have you here next year, and even more excited that you will be joining us for PSIP! This week will allow you to meet some incredible people, as well as experience a wonderful introduction to Philadelphia, service, and life at Saint Joe's. In addition to being a PSIP leader, I am very involved on campus, including as a Tour Captain with the Admissions Office, President of Up 'til Dawn, SCHOLAR at the Kinney Center, Appalachian Experience trips to Virginia and West Virginia, Winter Immersion Program to the Gulf Coast, Summer Immersion Program to San Diego, Koinonia, Search, Magis, service-learning classes, and weekly service. I also volunteer every week at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and at Narberth Ambulance. Last fall, I was lucky enough to study abroad in South Africa, and this coming January, I will be traveling to Nicaragua with one of my classes here at SJU. Saint Joe's has so many incredible opportunities to offer you throughout your four years here, and you are making a great decision to participate in PSIP. Can't wait to meet you all in August!


Joe SobolJoe Sobol '14
Interdisciplinary Health Services / Philosophy
Wellesley, MA

Welcome new students! Get excited for a great program and fantastic way to begin your college career with PSIP! My name is Joe, and I am a junior IHS major with a minor in Philosophy. I'm from right outside of Boston, and I love Philadelphia just as much as home. Here at Saint Joe's I enjoy taking part with the service programs and playing intramural sports with my friends. When I'm not doing school stuff I'm pretty low-key. I spend my time as an Emergency Medical Technician with surrounding community, just hanging out with my friends, or going on adventures into the city. This will be my second time as a leader with PSIP, and I was a participant my freshman year. I had never done any service work during high school, so if you haven't either don't worry! I did this program to move in early as well as to meet people. What I never expected was to find a new appreciation the type of work we did and meet some of my best friends to this day. Since then I have had been a part of many other service trips. I hope you all get a chance to be a part of PSIP and have a great experience with it! See you all in August!


Carol van DuynhovenCarol van Duynhoven '14
Interdisciplinary Health Services / Physical Therapy
Annandale, NJ

Hey class of 2016! Welcome to SJU! My name is Carol, and I am a rising Junior, Interdisciplinary Health Services and Physical Therapy Major. During my time at Saint Joe's so far I have become involved in a variety of different activities like Magis, Hand in Hand, Koinonia, Community Day, and the Appalachian Experience. I did PSIP my freshman year and it was on eof the best experiences I have had since coming to Saint Joe's, so I am so excited to be part of the program again as a leader! PSIP is by far the best way to start off your freshman year. You will have the opportunity to meet other freshmen, explore the awesome city of Philly, and, of course, do some great service! So get excited to become a part of the amazing Saint Joe's community! Can't wait to meet you guys in August!


Brian WalshBrian Walsh '15
Undecided Business
Holden, MA

Welcome fellow Hawks and SJU class of 2016! My name is Brian Walsh, and I am a rising sophomore from Massachusetts. I participated in PSIP last year and am very excited to have been chosen as a PSIP leader this year. PSIP is the best way to start off your time here at Saint Joseph's. Doing PSIP as a freshman truly helped ease my transition to college. PSIP provides you with the opportunity to make friends, explore Philadelphia, and become better acquainted with the university and its mission of helping others. Signing up for PSIP is truly one of the best decisions that you can make as freshmen. I believe that you will all find this program as rewarding and fulfilling as I have. Here at St. Joe's I am involved with Hawk Radio 1851, the Appalachian Experience program, and I play multiple intramural sports. I hope that you all have a great summer and I look forward to meeting you all in August!