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Philadelphia Service Immersion Program (PSIP)

Student Leaders, Coordinators and Intern 2013
PSIP Intern

Jake Dillabaugh Jake Dillabaugh '14
 Sociology - Spanish/Latin American Studies/Faith Justice
 Buffalo, NY

Hey Class of 2017! Welcome to Saint Joe's! I am so excited for this year's PSIP. My name is Jake Dillabaugh and I am a rising senior, sociology major with minors in Spanish, Latin American Studies, and Faith Justice. PSIP is such an amazing program and I am so excited to be involved with it once again. I was a participant my freshman year, a student leader my sophomore year, and now I am the Intern! PSIP is an amazing program that will give you the opportunity to meet and make great new friends here at SJU, experience the sights, sounds, and flavors that Philly offers, and also immerse yourself in service with the wonderfully loving people of this city. During my time here at SJU I have been fortunate enough to be involved in so many wonderful opportunities. From Weekly Service and the Appalachian Experience spring break program, Summer Immersion trip to and study abroad in El Salvador, 54th & City a cappella and Chapel Choir, to the Ignite Freshman retreat and many other programs Saint Joe's has become my home. I can't wait to meet all of you and introduce you to our amazing community here, including all of our amazing Student Leaders!

PSIP Coordinators
Joseph SobolJoseph Sobol '14
Interdisciplinary Health Services/Philosophy
Wellesly, MA

Welcome everybody! Get excited for a fun week and fantastic way to begin you college career with being a part of PSIP! My name is Joe and I am a senior here at SJU. I’m double majoring in IHS and in Philosophy with hopes of one day going into medicine. I come from right outside of Boston and love Philadelphia just as much as home. Here at Saint Joe’s I enjoy taking part in the service programs and playing intramural sports with my friends. When I’m not doing school stuff I’m pretty low-key. I spend my time as a volunteer Emergency Medical Technician with Narberth Ambulance, just hanging out with my friends, or going on adventures into Center City. This will be my fourth time around as being a part of PSIP! As such, I hope you all are just as excited as I am for this year’s program! I’ve had the pleasure of being a participant, leader, and now have the exciting job of being a coordinator. I had never done any service work during high school, so if you haven’t either don’t worry! I was a part of this program to move in early as well as meet people. What I never expected was to find a new appreciation for the type of work we did and meet some of my best friends to this day. Since then I have been a part of many other service trips. I hope you all get a chance to be a part of PSIP and have a great experience with it! See you all in August! 

Rosie DeFilippoRosie DeFilippo '15
Leadership, Ethics, and Organizational Sustainability
Albany, NY

Welcome to SJU, Class of 2017! You all have made an awesome decision by starting off your time here with PSIP! My name is Rosie and I am a Rising Junior with a dual major in Leadership, Ethics, and Organizational Sustainability and Philosophy with a minor in Faith-Justice Studies. Like you, I started off my time at St. Joe’s with PSIP and it was the best introduction to college I could have ever asked for! I have since returned as a Student Leader and am now thrilled to be a Student Coordinator. PSIP is an incredible program and it has jump-started my involvement and service life on campus. In the past two years I have been able to participate in an array of activities and am currently a Service Scholar in the Faith-Justice Institute and have participated in a Service-Learning Course. I am Brother at Large in SJU’s chapter of Phi Sigma Pi National Honors Fraternity and have been blessed to be able to participate in many service immersion trips, including: the Summer Immersion Program to Tohatchi, New Mexico, the Appalachian Experience to Hazard, Kentucky, and Habitat for Humanity’s Collegiate Challenge to Lexington, Kentucky. I can’t wait to meet each and every one of you! Get ready for an once-in-a-lifetime experience, and welcome to Hawk Hill!!! 

PSIP Student Leaders

Joe Sobol Christian McCormick '14
Sports Marketing/Finance
Rye, NH

Hey Class of 2017! My name is Christian and I am a rising senior and I am a Sports Marketing and Finance double major.  I am from Rye, NH and I participated in the PSIP program as a freshman and it helped me get to know the city of Philadelphia really well while doing great service.  PSIP is a great way to start your service career at SJU, and an excellent way to start off your extracurricular involvement as well. This is going to be my third year being a leader for PSIP and I am so excited to start my final year at SJU with this program.  Along with PSIP, I have been involved with programs such as the Winter Immersion Program to El Salvador, The Appalachian Experience, Sigma Pi Fraternity, the Magis Program, and intramural sports.  PSIP will help you meet other incoming freshman and it will also help you feel more at home at St. Joes.  Hope you guys are ready for a great experience by participating in this program this year and I look forward to meeting all of you!

Kathleen Logan

Kathleen Logan '16
Biology- Health Care Ethics
Springfield, PA

Welcome new Hawks! I am so thrilled to be a PSIP leader for the class of 2017! I am a rising sophomore Biology major/Health Care Ethics minor. I am a Fellow in the Institute of Catholic Bioethics, and an active member in the Dean’s Leadership Program and Hawk Women. This past year, I have participated in various service programs including Appalachian Experience over spring break (Gate City, VA), Magis weekly service, and Back on my Feet weekly service. PSIP last August was definitely the most rewarding experience of my freshman year. It integrated me into both the SJU community and the greater Philadelphia community. I met so many incredible people and got a glimpse of my next four years! I am so excited to share the PSIP experience with all of you! I hope you have a relaxing summer and I look forward to meeting you very soon! 


Brian Walsh

Brian Walsh '15
Holden, MA

Welcome freshmen and SJU class of 2017! Good work on choosing St. Joe’s and get ready for four great years! My name is Brian Walsh, and I am a rising from junior from central Massachusetts. I am very excited to be a PSIP leader again this year and know that we are all in for a great week. I participated in PSIP as a freshman and it was truly one of the best decisions that I ever made. PSIP is honestly the best way to start off your time here at Saint Joseph's. Doing PSIP as a freshman truly helped ease my transition to college. PSIP provides you with the opportunity to make friends, explore Philadelphia, and become better acquainted with the university and its mission of helping others. I believe that you will all find this program as rewarding and fulfilling as I have. Here at St. Joe's I am involved with a number of different things. I do weekly service, finance club, work in maintenance, play a couple of intermural sports, and have had a show on the school radio. I have also participated in the Appalachian Experience to both Bonanza, KY and Floyd, VA and have additionally been on an immersion trip to Navajo Nation in Tohatchi, NM. You guys are about to embark on a great journey here that truly has no limits of personal development, growth, or achievement. I hope that you are all excited! Have a great summer and I look forward to meeting you in August!!!

Dawn Cai

Weiyi (Dawn) Cai '15
Communication Studies - Art
Hangzhou, China 

While it definitely is weird introducing myself as a Junior (can't believe I'm starting the second half of my college career already), I cannot be more excited to welcome you all to St. Joe's Class of 2017! I'm so glad you choose PSIP, and I'm so happy to be your leader. PSIP is the program that helped me settle down and pumped up for my future at St. Joe's my freshmen year. I've gone on Winter Immersion trip to the Gulf Coast, visited the Appalachia region twice, joined Community Day, taken Service Learning courses after PSIP freshmen year. I truly enjoy service and I'm blessed to be touched by all the people I have met during service. Other than service, I'm the graphic designer for the school's newspaper The Hawk. I enjoy the challenge the job brings to me on weekly basis. Also I'm a part of the Hawk Host team, chances are we might have met before PSIP. Again, welcome to the St. Joe's community and get excited for August!

Scott Pyzik

 Scott Pyzik '14
 English/Secondary Education
Westminster, MD

Welcome and bienvenidos, Class of 2017! Reflecting back on my last three years at St. Joe’s, I remember move-in day, and I can still feel the whirlwind of emotions and distinctly hear my mom insisting on making up my bed for me. When you look back on your college career, you will also be able to look back on an amazing immersion experience within Philadelphia.  This experience will allow you to better embrace your college years by acquainting you with the city, showing you public transportation, and providing the opportunity to meet 109 other new freshmen/25 upperclassmen leaders. It will show you the culture of reflective service here at St. Joe’s.  During my last three years, I have taken advantage of other experiences, such as the Chapel Choir, the Ignite retreat, the Magis program, the Urban Plunge retreat, Service-learning classes, the Hawk Host program, Appalachia, the Spiritual Exercises, the Weekly Service Program, Koinonia, an immersion trip to Ecuador, and a semester abroad to Santiago, Chile. However you choose to embrace college career, I urge you to allow yourself to find a passion and let it decide how you spend your life. (Perhaps it’s “growing a beard,” like me!) I couldn’t be more excited to meet you all; see you soon!

Dáire Ryan

Dáire Ryan  '16
Psychology- Autism Studies/Faith Justice
Skillman, NJ

Welcome class of 2017 to Saint Joseph’s University!! My name is Dáire Ryan and I am a rising sophomore with a major in Psychology and minors in Autism Studies and Faith-Justice.  I am beyond excited for you to be taking advantage of what SJU has to offer before classes even begin. PSIP was what started off my career here on Hawk Hill and it is the reason I have gotten so involved. I have gotten involved with Service-Learning, Ignite, Hand-in-Hand, Appalachian Experience, and Community Day, and have been working as a SCHOLAR at the Kinney Center for Autism. The list is so much more then I expected and all thanks to PSIP. This experience will give you the chance to become acquainted with the lovely city of Philadelphia, the taste of the Jesuit philosophy, and a chance to meet some great new people who could be your best friends. Welcome to Hawk Hill and get ready to be a proud hawk! 

Ryan Musso

Ryan Musso  '14
Leadership, Ethics, and Organizational Responsibility - Philosophy/Faith Justice
Andover, MA

Welcome to PSIP class of 2017! My name is Ryan Musso and I am a Senior from Massachusetts. Coming to college can be a nerve-racking experience, but through PSIP you have the opportunity to meet a variety of really cool people, get familiar with the Saint Joseph's University campus before school starts, and learn about all of the wonderful opportunities that the great city of Philadelphia has to offer. I participated in PSIP as a freshman were I discovered a passion for service and learned the importance of making my college experience what I wanted it to be. Some activities I've involved myself in are Hawk Host, Appalachia, Koinonia, Net Impact, Placement Liaison in the Faith Justice Institute, Senior Gift Committee 2014, and Chapel Choir. I look forward to meeting every single one of you and get ready for the best week of the year! 

Darby Rourick

Darby Rourick '16
Ankeny, IA

Welcome Hawks of 2017! My name is Darby Rourick and I am a rising sophomore from Iowa double majoring in English and Philosophy. I am so excited to be doing PSIP again, but this time as a leader. PSIP is the best way to start your freshman year at Saint Joseph’s and get acquainted with the city of Philadelphia. During PSIP I met my best friend at college and had an all-around amazing experience. PSIP gives you a chance to become involved on campus before the rest of your classmates even move-in. After PSIP I stayed involved in service by taking a service learning course. It was a great way to do service once a week. The rest of my time was spent on forensics, which is another word for speech and debate. I can’t wait to start off my next year at Saint Joseph’s with all of you at PSIP!  

Brett Bochicchio

Brett Bochicchio  '14
Food Marketing
Scranton, PA

  My name is Brett Bochicchio and I am a senior food marketing major from Scranton, PA. I am so excited to meet everyone as you start your experiences here at SJU! Having started my freshman year with PSIP I cannot wait to start my senior year as a PSIP leader. You are starting off with an amazing experience that will just be a preview of what is to come in your next four years!
      On campus I am on the executive board of Hand in Hand. This organization brings people on campus with disabilities for a day of fun. I am also a tour guide for the university. Previously, I have gone on three service trips to the Appalachia region. Other experiences I've had have been an internship at an ad agency and this summer I am an store executive team lead intern at Target. 

Scott Pyzik

Amanda Cominsky '14
Marketing/International Business
Royersford, PA

Welcome to Hawk Hill, Class of 2017!  My name is Amanda Cominsky and I am a rising Senior majoring in Marketing and International Business.  I began my first days at SJU as a PSIP participant just like you, and could not be more excited that I will be spending my last first days as a leader!  This program made me fall in love with service and SJU as a whole, allowed me to meet some of my very best friends, and has influenced me to get involved as much as possible here on campus.  In addition to PSIP, I have participated in other service activities such as Magis, Weekly Service as an Overbrook High School Student Mentor, the Appalachian Experience to Cranks Creek, Mckee, and Phelps, Kentucky, and Summer Immersion Program to Ecuador.  I have also had the incredible opportunity to study abroad twice in both Rome and London, and I am a member of Greek Life, as well as several business clubs on campus.  Get ready for the best four years of your life, and I am SO excited to meet you!  

Eric Jablonski

Eric Jablonski '15
Sports Marketing
Bayonne, NJ

Hello Class of 2017 and welcome to PSIP!  My name is Eric Jablonski and I am a Junior, Sports Marketing Major from Bayonne, NJ.  I am so excited to return as a PSIP Leader because it is the greatest way to start the school year.  PSIP allows you to experience Philadelphia in a way that not many people do and you will also meet some of your best friends all while having the time of your life.  In addition to PSIP, I am involved in many other service activities such as Weekly Service, the Appalachia Experience and the Winter Immersion Program as a participant and as a leader for the 2014 Gulf Coast trip.  I was also a participant on the Search retreat, a member of a Koinonia group, and I participate in many intramural sports.  PSIP is an amazing program that you only get to experience once as a participant, so make the most of it.  I am looking forward to meeting all of you in August and showing why PSIP is the best way to start your college career!



Christine Dignam Christine Dignam '15
Finance/Risk Management Insurance
Philadelphia, PA

A big shout out to the incoming freshmen of the class of 2017! Get ready for the beginning of the best four years of your life! My name is Christine Dignam, and I'm a rising Junior, born and raised in the city of brotherly love. At SJU, I am involved in many activities. I am a cantor and member of the chapel choir, a Community Partner Coordinator for the Music Program at Young Scholars at Frederick Douglass through Weekly Service, the Music Coordinator of our fantastic female a cappella group the City Belles, a SCHOLAR at the Kinney Center for Autism, and more. I am absolutely ecstatic to be returning as a PSIP leader for my second year and to have the chance to meet all of you! PSIP is an incredible experience where you will become acquainted with the beautiful city of Philadelphia, get a taste of what the Jesuit philosophy is all about, and meet some amazing people whom you will eventually call your best friends. It's an opportunity that you don't want to miss! I can't wait to see you all soon!


Kevin Curtis Kevin Curtis '16
Criminal Justice
Bowie, MD


What’s up class of 2017!?!?!  My name is Kevin Curtis, I am from Bowie, Maryland, and I am a sophomore Criminal Justice Major.  First and foremost, congratulations on making one of the biggest and best life-changing choices and deciding on coming to Saint Joe’s and participating in PSIP!!!!  I am so excited to be leading you on this fantastic experience that is the Philadelphia Service Immersion Program.  I did PSIP last year and absolutely loved everything about it.  I learned so much about Philly, SJU, and most importantly, myself.   I hope I will be able to share the same wonderful experience I had with all of you.  PSIP jump-started my passion for service and social justice.  Because of that, this past year I was involved in a service learning class, best buddies, the Ignite retreat, the Appalachian Experience, and a lot more.  In the fall I will be starting my new job as a Placement Liaison in the Faith-Justice Institute, which coordinates the service-learning classes.  In my free time I like to relax, play sports, and hang out with friends.  PSIP introduced me to some great people and friends that I will remember forever, and I know it will do the same for you.  Get excited for your Freshman year, I cannot wait to meet each and every one of you in the Fall!!!


Cassie Tomkins

Cassie Tomkins '14
Denville, NJ

Welcome SJU class of 2017! Congratulations on making two of the best decisions of your life: choosing Saint Joes and participating in PSIP! PSIP is such a great way to start your Saint Joseph's experience, meet new people, and become a part of the greater community of Philadelphia! My name is Cassie Tomkins and I am a rising senior. During my time here at Saint Joseph's University I have participated in the Service-Learning program going to Saint Colomba’s, a homeless shelter for men, and now working in the Faith-Justice Institute as a Placement Liaison.  I am involved in Harambee African Awareness club, Hawkapella (SJU’s co-ed a capella group), Down to Pray Christian Fellowship, Poverty Awareness Week Committee, and the Weekly Service Program as a tutor for kids at Gomper’s Elementary.  I was also a leader on the Urban Plunge retreat in Camden and on the Search II retreat for upperclassmen.  I have been on the Appalachian Experience three times and I am excited to be a leader this year! I can’t wait to meet all of you and see where your Saint Joe’s journey takes you! 


Eric Jablonski

Chris Diehl '16
Boston, Massachusetts 

Hey there, Class of 2017!! My name is Chris Diehl. I am a Theology major from Massachusetts and I would like to welcome you to the greatest program of all time. In my first year at SJU, I participated in PSIP, Ignite (the freshman retreat), Urban Plunge, an APEX trip to Hazard, Kentucky, Koinonia and a year long service learning course. When I first joined SJU, my main concern was meeting people who loved to serve as much as I do. Within my first two hours of PSIP, I could already tell that some of the friendships I was making would be lifelong ones. This year I will be a part of the Faith-Justice Institute as a Service Scholar for Freshmen Service Learning classes! Again, welcome to PSIP as well as SJU! You’re about to be a part of one of the greatest communities throughout the entire country.


Katie Rodgers

Katie Rodgers '16
Elementary and Special Education
Media, PA

Heyyy Class of 2017, WELCOME TO SAINT JOE’S! My name is Katie Rodgers! I am from Media, PA and am an Elementary and Special Education major. Last year, I participated in PSIP and it was one of, if not, the best experiences I had my freshman year. You are going to meet so many incredible people and develop friendships before you even start classes! I am so excited for you to experience PSIP. It helped a lot with my transition into college and impacted many of the activities that I participated in my freshman year including my service-learning class, Community Day, and the Appalachian Experience to Roanoke, VA. Some other things I am involved in on campus are Autism Speaks U, Education Society and I also work as a SCHOLAR at the Kinney Center. PSIP is a great way to get to know members of the community in Philadelphia, as well as members of your incoming class. You’ll also get to know the city of Philadelphia and the campus a little better all while having fun. I am so thrilled to be your leader this year and can’t wait for you all to be on campus! 


Andrew Wyschynskyj

Andrew Wyschynskyj '16
Food Marketing 
Baltimore, MD

Welcome to SJU class of 2017! My name is Andrew Wyschynskyj, and I am a sophomore from Broomall, Pennsylvania. I am a business student currently working towards a degree in Food Marketing. Saint Joseph's University gave me such a great freshman year, and I have PSIP to thank for that. I made so many friends during PSIP. Everyone was so friendly and nice, and I couldn’t imagine what my college career would be like if I had never participated in PSIP. During my freshman year I was apart of other community service projects, and took part in a freshman retreat designed to build friendships called Road Trip. I will be a Leader for Road Trip this upcoming year so I might see some of you there as well. I had such a wonderful experience during PSIP, and I will try my best to help give you a great one as well! See you in August!

Joe Sobol

Megan Smith '14
Biology- Interdisciplinary Health Care Ethics/Theater Studies
Springfield, PA

Welcome to SJU, Class of 2017! My name is Megan and I am a senior Biology major with minors in Interdisciplinary Health Care Ethics and Theater Studies! I am so incredibly excited to be a part of PSIP this year! During my time at SJU I have been involved in Liturgical and Music Ministry, the Appalachian Experience, the IGNITE retreat, the Winter Immersion Program trip to El Salvador, Koinonia faith sharing communities, the SJU Theater Company, Relay for Life, Active Minds, and more! The opportunities that St. Joe's and the Philadelphia area offer are endless, but PSIP is going to give you a great taste of the possibilities that await. I am so excited to meet you all in August!

Pat Creedon

Pat Creedon '16
Old Forge, PA

Congratulations to the incoming Class of 2017 and welcome young Hawks to the Saint Joe’s Family Nest!  My name is Patrick Creedon and I am currently a rising sophomore with a major in History.  I hail from a small town just outside of the coal-cracking city of Scranton, Pennsylvania: Old Forge, which is famously known as the Pizza Capital of the World. I am actively involved in various activities at St. Joes, including intramural sports, Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity, and the Adopt-a-Pop weekly service program.  Last year I also participated in PSIP, the Winter Immersion Program to El Salvador, and Relay for Life.  PSIP is a truly a hidden gem for incoming freshmen because it gives you the opportunity to experience just what sets our university apart from the rest, while also experiencing the great city of Philadelphia.  You will create many lasting friendships through this program, as well as learn the all-important Jesuit ideal of “ men and women for others”.     


Sarah Ferguson

Sarah Ferguson '16
Sociology - Faith Justice
Easton, PA

Hey class of 2017! Welcome to Hawk Hill! My name is Sarah and I’m a Sociology major with a minor in Faith-Justice Studies and hopefully Criminal Justice or Philosophy. I hail from the lovely city of Easton, PA and was lucky enough to do PSIP 2012. PSIP is unlike any other program at SJU because you meet the BEST people while doing something fun, meaningful, and different every day. Since PSIP, I’ve had service-learning classes, participated in the Ignite Retreat, and was a leader for the freshman Urban Plunge Retreat. I also did Magis, a weekly social justice program just for freshman, and I will be a leader for that next year. I’m also a member of Hand-in-Hand, the Gay-Straight Alliance, and I lector at mass. I can’t wait to meet all of you, and share in this wonderful experience as you begin college!



Nick RadiganNick Radigan '16
Canton, MA 

Hello and welcome class of 2017! My name is Nick Radigan and I am a rising sophomore, Biology major from Canton, MA. I did PSIP last year and can say that it was probably one of my best decisions so far at St. Joe’s. Since PSIP, I have participated in many programs such as Koinonia, the Ignite Freshman retreat, the Urban Plunge retreat, the Magis program, and intramural basketball. PSIP is a great transition into your freshman year at college. You will meet a lot of your fellow classmates and learn about Philadelphia in a whole new way. I can’t wait to meet all of you and show you why St. Joe’s is the best. See you August.  

Brooke Sever

Brooke Severe  '14
History- Spanish
Baltimore, MA 


Welcome Class of 2017!! My name is Brooke and I am a rising senior at Saint Joseph's. I am beyond excited to be involved with PSIP again - I did not participate in the program as a freshman but I was a leader as a sophomore, and it truly changed my college experience. The transition from high school to college is certainly not easy, especially when you are living away from home in an unfamiliar city. The PSIP program helps you to adjust to this major change by allowing you to meet fellow classmates, explore the city of Philadelphia, and experience your “first-taste” of service opportunities at SJU. During my time thus far at SJU, I have been involved with the SJU Running Club, Weekly Service and Community Day, and I have participated in the Appalachian Experience program traveling to Kentucky my freshman and sophomore years. During the fall of my junior year, I studied abroad in London and had an internship in a constituency office of Parliament. As a rising senior (yikes!), I know there are more opportunities for service that I would like to explore, so I am excited to embark on the PSIP journey with you. I hope you decide to sign-up for PSIP – it is a great opportunity, one that I wish I had experienced going into college. I cannot wait to meet you in August!!