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Philadelphia Service Immersion Program (PSIP)

Student Leaders, Coordinator and Intern 2014
PSIP Intern

Rosie DeFilippo Rosie DeFilippo '15
 Leadership, Ethics, and Organizational Sustainability& Managing Human  Capital
 Albany, NY

Welcome to SJU, Class of 2018 & welcome to PSIP!! My name is Rosie DeFilippo and I am a Rising Senior with dual Management majors with Philosophy and Faith-Justice Studies minors. PSIP is such an amazing program and I am thrilled to be involved in it for the fourth time. I was a participant my freshman year, a student leader my sophomore year, a coordinator my junior year, and now I am the Intern! PSIP is an amazing program that will give you the opportunity to meet and make great new friends here at SJU, experience the sights, sounds, and flavors that Philly offers, and also immerse yourself in service with the wonderful people of the city. During my time here at SJU I have been fortunate enough to be involved in an array of activities. I am currently a Service Scholar in the Faith-Justice Institute and have participated in a Service-Learning Course, a I am Brother in Phi Sigma Pi Co-ed Honors Fraternity, and am very involved with the Appalachian Experience alternative spring break program. SJU has become my home over the last years and PSIP started it all! I can't wait to meet all of you and introduce you to the SJU community, including all of our amazing Student Leaders! Welcome to Hawk Hill, we are so excited you're here!!!

PSIP Coordinator
Joseph SobolChristine Dignam '15
Philadelphia, PA

A big shout out to the incoming freshmen of the class of 2018! Get ready for the beginning of the best four years of your life and props to you for starting it off with the stellar decision to apply for PSIP! My name is Christine Dignam, and I'm a rising Senior Psychology major, born and raised in the city of brotherly love. At SJU, I am involved in many activities. I am a leader for the Appalachian Experience, the Music Coordinator of our fantastic female a cappella group the City Belles, a SCHOLAR at the Kinney Center for Autism, and more. After two years as a leader, I am absolutely thrilled to have the opportunity to begin my last year on Hawk Hill as the Coordinator for the best program at SJU, the Philadelphia Service Immersion Program! PSIP is an incredible experience where you will become acquainted with the beautiful city of Philadelphia, get a taste of what the Jesuit philosophy is all about, and meet some amazing people whom you will eventually call your best friends. It's an opportunity that will shape your experience at SJU in the best way possible! I can't wait to meet you all soon!


PSIP Student Leaders

Joe Sobol Patrick Creedon '16
Old Forge, PA

Welcome Class of 2018 to Hawk Hill! My name is Patrick Creedon and I am a rising junior from Old Forge, Pennsylvania. I am currently pursuing a degree in Accounting. I am actively involved in various activities at St. Joe's, including intramural sports, secretary for Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity, and the Adopt-a-Pop weekly service program. I also was a student leader for PSIP last year, a participant in PSIP my freshman year, participated in a Winter Immersion Program to El Salvador, and took part in Relay for Life. PSIP is a great program because it acclimates incoming students to the true meaning of a Jesuit University.  Students will experience solidarity with their fellow classmates, as well as the residents of the vibrant city of Philadelphia through service and reflection. PSIP is also a great springboard for getting involved in the multitude of extracurricular opportunities St. Joe's has to offer. I look forward to meeting all of you in August!

Kathleen Logan

Molly Johnson '15
Environmental Science - Faith Justice Studies 
North Branford, CT

Hey class of 2018! You are already starting off your SJU career by making the awesome choice of participating in PSIP. I hate to admit it but I am a rising senior now and I began my freshman year with PSIP too. I am majoring in Environmental Science with a minor in Faith-Justice studies. In the past years, I’ve been involved with the Appalachian experience, Magis and Urban challenge. Currently, I am a CRS Ambassador and am excited to be a Winter Immersion Program leader for this the Gulf Coast trip this upcoming January. I recently returned to the U.S. after spending my spring semester abroad in Costa Rica where I studied in a program focused on social and environmental change. I was even fortunate enough to spend 3 weeks of my time there living on the Kèköldi indigenous reserve recording medicinal plant species. I am spending my summer break working in the Summer Scholar’s program researching the theme of environmental justice. I am so excited to get to know you all and I hope you are looking forward to a week of adventure and four incredible years to come. 


Brian Walsh

Albert Wunsch '17
Food Marketing
Englewood Cliffs, NJ

I won’t sugar-coat it Class of 2018, you guys made the best decision of your life. Congrats on not conforming and going to some other lame school. And for that, you guys are automatically the bee’s knees. Now a little about myself? Well, for starters, I’m Al! I’m a sophomore food marketing major from Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey. I am part of the Men’s Rowing Team, Developing Everyday Champions, and SJU Improv Club on campus. As for off campus, I am co-founder for the Salesian Youth Movement and do various other retreats and service based trips. I also have many leather bound books and am kind of a big deal. I’ve partied with Neil Armstrong, rocked out with Slash, and even hugged my best friend Jimmy Fallon (True Stories). It’s great that you guys are deciding to do PSIP because it truly is one of the best ways to transition into college and kick-off your freshman year! Get ready for the greatest week of your life! Stay classy Class of 2018, and don’t go getting any more beautiful on me over the summer.


Liz Knezetic '17
Elementary & Special Education - Autism Studies
Omaha, NE 

Class of 2018, Welcome to the most incredible, awe-inspiring, and life changing years of your life! Saint Josephs University isn’t just about having a college experience, it is about having life experiences and there is no better way to begin that than with PSIP! My name is Liz Knezetic and I am a rising sophomore from Omaha, NE. I am a double major in Elementary and Special Education with a minor in Autism Studies. I am in love with everything Saint Joes because there truly is no place like it! I have already had the chance to get involved in University Student Senate, Campus Ministry, Harambee African Awareness Club and Autism Speaks. I also work at the Kinney Center and as a Hawk Host this upcoming year. I was able to participate in PSIP, the freshman Ignite retreat and Appalachia Experience. PSIP will be an incredible beginning to your journey at Saint Joes, so embrace all it has to offer! This is your chance to put yourself out there, learn in an incredibly tangible and real life way and make lasting relationships before your first day of college. So, get ready to find what makes you fall in love with Saint Joes, because its different for everyone but I know you will find it on Hawk Hill! 

Scott Pyzik

 Eric Jablonski '15
 Sports Marketing
 Bayonne, NJ

Hello Class of 2018 and welcome to PSIP!  My name is Eric Jablonski and I am a Senior, Sports Marketing Major from Bayonne, NJ.  I am so excited to return as a PSIP Leader because it is the greatest way to start the school year.  PSIP allows you to experience Philadelphia in a way that not many people do and you will also meet some of your best friends all while having the time of your life.  In addition to PSIP, I am involved in many other service activities such as Weekly Service, the Appalachia Experience and the Winter Immersion Program – Gulf Coast.  I was also a participant on the many retreats, a member and leader of a Koinonia group, and I participate in many intramural sports.  PSIP is an amazing program that you only get to experience once as a participant, so make the most of it.  I am looking forward to meeting all of you in August and showing why PSIP is the best way to start your college career!

Katie Rodgers

Katie Rodgers '16
Elementary & Special Education
Media, PA

Hey Class of 2018! Welcome to PSIP. My name is Katie Rodgers and I am studying Elementary and Special Education. I will be a junior and I am from Media, Pa.  The upcoming week ahead of you is one that will be filled with laughter, friendships, and service. PSIP is a fabulous way to meet new classmates and participate in service projects, all while exploring the city of Philadelphia! It hands-down is one of the best programs on campus and provides you with the opportunity to become a member of the SJU community. I loved every moment of my PSIP experience freshman year, and I hope you do too. During my time here at Saint Joseph’s University, I have participated in the Service-Learning program, going to elementary schools across the Philadelphia Region. In addition, I am involved with Autism Speaks U, the Appalachian Experience, The Kinney Center, and the IGNITE retreat. I look forward to meeting all of you, welcome to Hawk Hill! 

Tom O'Hara

Tom O'Hara '16
Business Intelligence
Berkeley Heights, NJ

Welcome Class of 2018 and congratulations on making the great choice on becoming a Hawk!  My name is Tom O’Hara and I am a Junior Business Intelligence major hailing from Berkeley Heights, New Jersey.  Over my two years here I have done service in Virginia through the Appalachia Experience Program, assist a 5th grade class in Philadelphia through a service-learning class, as well as teach leadership and business ethics to high school students at West Catholic High School in Philadelphia.  I also work as a work-study in the Management Department and in the Upper Darby Historical Society.  I am beyond blessed and excited to have the opportunity to embark on this service experience with you all.  Making this transition into college can be difficult and uncomfortable at times.  By participating in PSIP, you are putting yourself at an advantage by getting involved, meeting new people, serving your new city, and learning about yourself.  Again, welcome to this fabulous community we have here at SJU, and I look forward to the adventure that lies ahead!


Maggie Stewart

Maggie Stewart '17
Risk Management & Insurance
Havertown, PA

Welcome Class of 2018! My name is Maggie and I am a rising sophomore from Havertown, PA and I am a risk management and insurance major. I am beyond excited to be a leader for this years PSIP.  Participating in PSIP is honestly one of the best decisions I have made so far at SJU and it is definitely the best way to start your freshman year.  Moving in early and getting to meet some my classmates really helped me in my transition into college. PSIP introduced me to some of the other activities I participated in during the year like MAGIS, weekly service at Gompers Elementary, and the Appalachian Experience of spring break (Neon, KY). This year I also participated in community day in the fall, worked in the athletics office, and joined a sorority.  The SJU community has some of the best people you will ever meet and by doing PSIP you will definitely get to meet a lot of those people.  I can’t wait for every one of you to experience PSIP and I hope you have a great summer!


AJ Simon

AJ Simon  '17
Sports Marketing & Finance
Medford, NJ

Welcome to SJU, Class of 2018! More importantly, welcome to PSIP! My name is A.J. Simon and I am a rising sophomore Sports Marketing and Finance double major from Medford, NJ. I have been involved in on-campus activities such as the Ignite Freshman Retreat, the First Year Leadership Team, and the Appalachian Experience. I chose to participate in PSIP last summer and I would not change a thing about my decision. I believe that PSIP is the best thing you can do as an incoming freshman. It allows you to meet great people as soon as you walk on campus and become familiar with the city that you will call home for the next four years. Most importantly, though, it lets you understand the service-oriented culture that we adore here at SJU. Get ready for a new chapter in your life!!! I cannot wait to meet every single one of you August!

Jacqueline Klimek

Jacqueline Klimek '17
Psychology - Marketing
Rochester, NY

Woohoo! Class of 2018...welcome to SJU! My name is Jacqueline Klimek and I am a sophomore psychology major with a minor in marketing from Rochester, New York. I have a love for traveling, put M&M's in my popcorn and started my freshman year with PSIP! I had the most incredible experience and this year I couldn't be more excited to be a leader. PSIP allowed me to get a head start on college living, meet some of my best friends and immerse myself in the city and community I would be living in for the next 4 years.
Since I have been at Saint Joe's I have gone on Roadtrip, a fun way to meet new people, done weekly service at the Fredrick Douglas School for Young Scholars, been to Roanoke, Virginia as part of the Appalachia Experience, am a member of Psychology club and a tour guide. Have a great summer and I can't wait to meet all you beautiful hawks in August! 

Brian Walsh

Brian Walsh '15
Finance & Financial Planning 
Holden, MA

Ahoy freshmen and SJU class of 2018! Good work on choosing St. Joe’s and get ready for four great years! My name is Brian Walsh, and I am a rising from Senior from Central Massachusetts. I am very excited to be a PSIP leader again this year and know that we are all in for a great week. I participated in PSIP as a freshman and it was truly one of the best decisions that I ever made. PSIP is honestly the best way to start off your time here at Saint Joseph's. Doing PSIP as a freshman truly helped ease my transition to college. PSIP provides you with the opportunity to make friends, explore Philadelphia, and become better acquainted with the university and its mission of helping others. I believe that you will all find this program as rewarding and fulfilling as I have. Here at St. Joe's I am involved with a number of different things. I do weekly service, finance club, work on campus, play a couple of intermural sports, and have had a show on the school radio. I have also participated in the Appalachian Experience for 3 years and have additionally been on an immersion trip to Navajo Nation in Tohatchi, NM. Recently in May, I also lead a new immersion trip with the school to Los Tres Brazos in the Dominican Republic. You guys are about to embark on a great journey here that truly has no limits of personal development, growth, or achievement. I hope that you are all excited! Have a great summer and I look forward to meeting you in August!!!



Casey Brands Casey Brands '17
Actuarial Science & Risk Management Insurance
New Smyrna Beach, FL

Hello PSIPers! My name is Casey and I am so excited to welcome you to Hawk Hill.  I am a rising sophomore double majoring in Actuarial Science and Risk Management Insurance and also started my college journey with PSIP last summer.  I am so excited that you guys chose to be part of such an incredible program that will influence your time in Philly! You will build relationships to last a lifetime, experience things you may not have otherwise, and positively impact our Philadelphia community- which you are now a part of. I could not imagine SJU without my PSIP fam and friends at the SpArc of Philadelphia! I met my best friends through this program and some are even leaders--and I am lucky to be spending this adventure with them again. I have been involved with other programs such as Peer Review Board, Peer Educators and Community Days of Service. I also spent my spring break with my APEX Neonites down in Neon, KY building homes! It has been a crazy ride but I wouldn’t want my college days at SJU to be any different.  You chose to be a part of something incredible which is what SJU and the Magis are all about. I am thrilled to meet you all and… welcome to SJU!


Kevin Curtis Kevin Curtis '16
Criminal Justice & Linguistics
Bowie, MD

What’s up class of 2018!? My name is Kevin Curtis, I am from Bowie, Maryland, and I am a sophomore Criminal Justice and Linguistics Double Major.  First and foremost, congratulations on making one of the biggest and best life-changing choices and deciding on coming to Saint Joe’s and participating in PSIP!  I am extremely excited to be leading you on this fantastic experience that is the Philadelphia Service Immersion Program.  I did PSIP my Freshman year and lead last year and absolutely loved everything about it.  I learned so much about Philly, SJU, and most importantly, myself.   I hope I will be able to share the same wonderful experience I had with all of you.  PSIP jump-started my passion for service and social justice.  Because of that, throughout my college career I have been involved in a service learning class, best buddies, the Ignite retreat, the Appalachian Experience, and a lot more.  I am currently a Placement Liaison in the Faith-Justice Institute, which coordinates the service-learning classes.  In my free time I like to relax, play sports, and hang out with friends.  PSIP introduced me to some great people and friends that I will remember forever, and I know it will do the same for you.  Get excited for your freshman year, I cannot wait to meet each and every one of you in the fall!


Cassie Tomkins

Lauren Schwartz '17
Psychology - Sociology
Manalapan, NJ

Welcome to PSIP class of 2018 and congratulations on taking the first, great step to the rest of your life by choosing to spend the next four years on Hawk Hill! My name is Lauren Schwartz and I am a rising sophomore majoring in psychology with a minor in sociology. Having started my freshman year with PSIP I cannot wait to start my sophomore year as a PSIP leader! You are starting off with an incredible experience that will just be a preview of what is to come in your next four years as a hawk! In the past year at SJU I was blessed to have the opportunity to participate in PSIP and in a year-long Service-Learning course where I traveled to Camden once a week to tutor students in an after school program. In addition, I was a member on the Student Union Board Late Night Committee and a member of the Hawk-A-Palooza Committee.  I was involved in Hand-in-Hand and Relay For Life, and I currently serve as a player and captain on the club softball team. My PSIP adventure last year was without question the most amazing and eye-opening experience and I am so incredibly excited to share your experience with you! PSIP is your first opportunity to do more than what is simply in the box and your first opportunity to embody the “Magis” so get excited! I can’t wait to meet all of you to start you off on your Saint Joe’s journey! See you in August!


Corey Carter

Corey Carter '16
Flemington, NJ

Welcome Class of 2018! My name is Corey Carter and I am a rising Junior Marketing major. As a past participant in PSIP, I can vouch for the fact that this program is the perfect way to start off freshman year at SJU. Transitioning into college can feel like quite a difficult experience; however, I felt that PSIP provided me with the perfect stepping stone into my new adventure at a new HOME. This program helped me make a meaningful connection to my classmates, campus, and the city of Philadelphia. PSIP was just the start of many activities I have had the pleasure of participating in here at Saint Joe’s. Besides PSIP, I have participated in the Freshman Road Trip, the Ignite Retreat, and Urban Plunge (all great opportunities to look into). In addition, I have been deeply involved with the American Marketing Association and have served as VP of Community Service for the chapter. Currently, I very excited to travel to ROME this June through an SJU Summer Program. I hope that everyone has a great summer and I look forward to meeting all of you in August. PSIP is only the beginning of many amazing opportunities you will have in your time at Saint Joe’s!


Kathleen Logan

Kathleen Logan '16
Biology - Health Care Ethics
Springfield, PA

 Welcome to Hawk Hill class of 2018! My name is Kathleen and I am a rising junior. My first days at St. Joe’s began with PSIP, and it was definitely the best experience of my freshmen year! PSIP introduced me to many more service opportunities including running with the homeless through Back on My Feet, leading a retreat for freshmen at Cristo Rey High School, visiting my "pop", a Jesuit priest, at Manresa House, traveling to Gate City, Virginia through Appalachian Experience over spring break, and being a Big Sister at Gompers Elementary. In addition to my involvement in service, I am also a Fellow in the Institute of Catholic Bioethics, and an active member of the Dean's Leadership Program and Hawk Women. Through PSIP, I became integrated into the SJU community, met some of my best friends, and got a glimpse of my next four years! I am so excited to be a part of your PSIP experience! I hope you all have a great summer and can't wait to meet you all very soon!


John Goldberg

John Goldberg '17
English - Secondary Education
Whippany, NJ

What’s up class of 2018! First, congratulations in making the greatest decision of your life so far and coming to Saint Joe’s! My name is John Goldberg and I am a rising sophomore from Whippany, New Jersey. I’m double majoring in English and Secondary Education. Around Campus I am involved in various campus ministries, as well as 54th and City, the all male acapella group. PSIP was by far my favorite experience of freshman year and I’m so excited you made the decision to apply. See you all soon!

Alli DelGrippo

Alli DelGrippo '17
Food Marketing & Family Business and Entrepreneurship - LEOS
Point Pleasant Beach, NJ

   Hiya Class of 2018! My name is Alli DelGrippo, and I am a rising-sophomore with a double major in Food Marketing and Family Business & Entrepreneurship, and a minor in Leadership, Ethics, and Organizational Sustainability. First off, I’d like to congratulate you on making two of the best decisions you’ll ever make! Saint Joe’s is the most special place, and we cannot wait for you all to become a part of our Hawk Hill family! Second, PSIP was undoubtedly one of my favorite parts of my freshman year, and I am so excited for you all to share in this wonderful experience! Before coming to SJU, I had never really spent a lot of time with service, but PSIP really changed that. Since participating in PSIP, I have become involved with the Magis weekly service program, Best Buddies, and adventured to McKee, Kentucky for APEX this past spring, as well as participated in Relay for Life and Community Day! I am also the Vice President of Marketing for Delta Sigma Pi, SJU’s professional, business fraternity, and a member of the Food Marketing Association. Coming to Saint Joseph’s University means so much than just going to college – it means becoming the best Hawk you can be, embracing your passions, and being a member of a second family. Getting involved on campus is undoubtedly the best way to be a part of this incredible community, and there’s no better way to get the ball rolling than with PSIP! The other crazy, amazing leaders and I cannot wait to meet each and every one of you, and are more than excited to see you all in August! 

Sam Giacino

Sam Giacino '17
Sports Marketing
Hamilton, NJ

Welcome to your new home Class of 2018!! You may not think so now, but trust me when I say you have made one of the best choices of your life by choosing SJU! My name is Sam Giacino and I am a sophomore Sports Marketing major from Hamilton, New Jersey. I am just your average shower singer who is chasing his dream of meeting his man crush, aka John Mayer. PSIP is seriously the best way to kick off your freshman year! You will get to meet a bunch of your fellow classmates, learn to serve in solitude, get acclimated to campus, and most importantly make lasting friendships, all in the city you will call home for the next four years! Doesn’t that sound awesome! I participated in PSIP last year as an incoming freshman, and I couldn’t be more grateful. On Hawk Hill I have participated in Road Trip, Ignite, Koinania, Winter Immersion, Appalachian Experience, Community Day, and a year-long service learning course. I am involved with intramurals and I am on the Gaelic Football team. I can’t wait to meet all of you, I look forward to seeing you on campus, and welcome to Saint Joe’s. The Hawk Will Never Die!


Kelly Harris

Kelly Harris '15
Westchester County, NY

HELLO CLASS OF 2018!!! My name is Kelly and I’m a Senior English major from Westchester County, New York.  SJU has so many wonderful opportunities to get involved, and I congratulate you on getting a head start by choosing PSIP!  PSIP is an amazing way to start your freshman year.  You’ll get to meet some of the best people at SJU while also getting to know the magnificent city of Philadelphia.  At SJU, I’ve been lucky to be involved with a number of programs.  I began my freshman year with PSIP, and since then I’ve had the opportunity to take four service-learning classes, participate in the Search retreat, and spend two spring breaks on the Appalachian Experience. I have also been able to participate in and lead Magis, a freshmen service and justice program.  In addition, I have been able to work as an Intern for the SJU Weekly Service Program for my Junior and Senior years.  I am so excited to meet each and every one of you! Welcome to PSIP and SJU!



Marty FarrellMarty Farrell '17
Drexel Hill, PA 

Suuup fam! Welcome to the hill of hawks class of 2018! My name is Marty Farrell.  I'm a Sophomore English major here at SJU and  I am so excited to meet you all.  Let me start off by saying welcome to PSIP!  One day, when looking back on your long successful lives, you will say that doing PSIP was single handedly the number one best decision you ever made.  Doing PSIP will allow you to get acclimated not only to your new home on here City Ave, but also to the city of Philadelphia.  This program will allow you to immerse yourself in the lives of your neighbors in Philadelphia and serve with and for others.  Doing PSIP allowed me to forge lasting relationships with fellow hawks and opened the door to other service/faith-based opportunities throughout the year like weekly service, service-learning, APEX, Koinonia, Ignite and Urban Plunge.  I hope you all have a safe summer and can not wait to meet in August!  Stay Gold Class of 2018! 

Graziella Ioele

Graziella Ioele '15
International Relations & Italian Studies
Franklin Square, NY

Welcome to SJU class of 2018! My name is Graziella Ioele I am Senior from New York. I participated in PSIP as a Freshman and it was the first step in making my years at SJU fantastic and memorable! During PSIP I had the opportunity to meet a variety of great people, get familiar with the Saint Joseph's University campus before school started, and learn about all of the wonderful opportunities that the great city of Philadelphia had to offer; it was fantastic! During my last three years, I have taken advantage of other experiences such as the Ignite retreat, the Urban Plunge retreat, Service-learning classes, the Appalachia Experience, the Weekly Service Program, Koinonia, Immersion trips to Ecuador and El Paso, TX, and a semester abroad to Bologna, Italy. I am also a Placement Liaison for the Faith-Justice Institute and a Hawk Host on campus. I have found a home here at SJU and in Philadelphia and I know you will too! I can't wait to meet you all and accompany on your journey as new hawks! See you soon!