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Frequently Asked Questions

The following questions are set up to assist prospective students, current players, and current club officers. If you have further questions, please contact Angie at or 610-660-2583.

Why are certain clubs offered at SJU?

Clubs are entirely student driven, thus student interest and leadership are required for a club to exist. Students recruit members, coordinate practice times, organize games, and sometimes coach the team themselves. During any given year, clubs vary in levels of activity may vary based on the committment of its members and leaders.

What are the steps for establishing a new club?

At this time, the program is not accepting applications for  new clubs.

Do I need insurance to play on a club sport team?

Yes. Each club member is required to have their own health insurance. There are three (3) forms that must be downloaded and submitted to the Club Sport Office for each participant. They are located on the Forms page. There is a secondary club sport policy that covers club athletes who are injured while participating in their registered sport.

* For Current Club Officers:

What does my club have to hand in before traveling for a game?

The Travel Authorization form must be completed and submitted at least 5 business days before a club travels. For example, if your team travels on Saturday or Sunday, the request must be turned in by the Monday prior.

The Travel Roster form must be turned in before you leave campus. This ensures that the Campus Recreation Office knows exactly who is traveling for each away game.
Both of these forms can be found on the website under the Forms page.

How should my club pay a referee or a trainer who works at the game?

Please download and have each referee or trainer fill out the 'Referee Form / Trainer's Form'. This can be found on the Forms page.

If a referee is expecting to receive payment at the time of the game, cash will need to be collected from players on the team.

What safety requirements does my team need to be aware of?

Each club is required to have at least two (2) members certified in CPR/AED. A copy of these cards must be on file in the Club Sport Office. Failure to have them on file could jeopordize the team's ability to practice and play games.

If someone on my team gets hurt, what should I do?

Following the intital treatment, have him/her fill out the 'Injury Report' form, found on the Forms page. Hand this into the Campus Recreation Office the following day. If the person needs to follow up with a trainer for further treatment, have the player come into the Campus Recreation Office to retrieve his/her medical paperwork. Only then, may he/she make an appointment to see the trainer.

How do I reserve facility time for practices and/or games?

Facility reservations may be made through the Club Sport Office .