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* Overview

The Recreational and Intramural program consists of roughly 30 activities conducted throughout the academic year. Events are open to all members of the University Community. Those persons not affiliated with any organized group, but wishing to participate, should contact the Office of Recreation and Intramurals. Intramurals phone number is 610-660-2588.

* Philosophy

Sports activities find their origin in the basic need for the spirit of play. Winning and losing are mere outcomes of this play spirit. Part of the game is the pure satisfaction of participation, getting fit, and enhancing friendships. Without your opponent, you have no game, no contest, and no fun. Upholding high standards of integrity and fair play acknowledges this idea of cooperative competition.

* Eligibility

If you are a current student, faculty, or staff member, you are eligible to participate in the intramural program. Members of the intercollegiate squads are ineligible to participate on an intramural sport on a team in the sport (or related sport) in which they are a member listed on the official team roster as of the first game of the season. A red shirt athlete is also considered a squad member. Partial and non-qualifiers may participate in their designated sports, however only one (1) such player may play per team. Such a player is eligible upon registration for the duration of the league. Non-qualifiers are not eligible to participate in the City 6 events featuring the sport (or related sport) they play. Partial and non-qualifiers may participate in a related or special event but will not be eligible for prizes or placement. Club members are ineligible for participation in their related sport.

To be eligible for intramural participation, a player must be listed, and have signed the team roster/waiver form on file in the Office of Recreation and Intramurals. All rosters are unlimited. When adding a new player, that player must sign on the roster before participating in their first game. Any player not signed on a roster is ineligible to play. Rosters will become frozen 2-3 weeks into the season for league play, and as the 2nd round in any tournament play. These dates will be announced at the captain's meetings and listed on the season schedule. When acquiring a player from another team, that player must have his/her name scratched from the original team's roster before being added to the new team. Players may only switch teams one time.

* How to Register

Team roster/waiver forms are available in the Office of Recreation and Intramurals. To enter just complete all the necessary information and submit it with the required deposit and/or fee, well before the entry deadline for that particular sport. There is a $50 team fee for Flag Football, Volleyball, 5-on-5 Basketball, Soccer and Softball.

When submitting the information, your team is committed to play on the day and time that the league normally meets.

Rules for each sport are available at the Office of Recreation and Intramurals and are distributed at captain's meetings.

* Registration Policies

1. When signing up a team, the captain must submit a completed roster/waiver form and the required deposit/fee prior to the entry deadline.
2. The roster/waiver must contain the minimum number of signatures required to field a team for that particular sport.
3. Participants who do not sign the roster/waiver by 6:00 pm of game day will not be eligible to participate.
4. Once your team is signed up, the captain is then responsible for attending one of two captains' meetings, and if scheduled, a mid-season meeting.
5. Individual sign-ups (free agents) will also be expected to attend captains' meeting so that they may be placed on a team.
6. Some activities are limited to a specific number of team entries. These leagues will be filled on a first come, first serve basis.
7. Teams failing to comply with all registration policies by the entry deadline will be put on a first come, first serve waiting list. Such teams may be added to the league, in exchange for teams that forfeit out; are dismissed for disciplinary actions; or to coordinate a more feasible structure as determined by the Director of Recreation and Intramurals

* Schedules

In every activity, contests will be scheduled as time and facilities allow. Complete schedules will be posted outside the office. For further information, consult your athletic manager or the Office of Recreation and Intramurals.
1. All matches are scheduled for a specific hour and date or deadline.
2. All scheduled contests will be played on designated courts, fields, and floors under the jurisdiction of the Recreation/Intramural staff.
3. In scheduling, the objective, recreation, is kept in mind; and every effort is made to make full use of the facilities during the late afternoon, early evening, and weekend hours.
4. Contests must be played as scheduled, unless other arrangements have been approved at least 72 hours in advance by the Office of Recreation and Intramurals.

* Team Captains

Every team must be represented by a team captain. The captain is the representative of the team in all matters concerning the team and is the liaison between the Office of Recreation and Intramurals and all team members. Team captains are responsible for the following:
1. Completing the roster/waiver form, fully with participants' signatures and submitting it with the required fee prior to the entry deadline.
2. Attending captains' meetings and remaining the liaison between the Office of Recreation and Intramurals and team members.
3. Responsibility for the team's conduct during the games and awareness of the rules and regulations.
4. Communicating with the Office of Recreation and Intramurals regarding weather postponements and cancellations. Calls from team members will not be taken due to tied up phone lines and the possibility of miscommunication.

* Captain's Meetings

All of the team sports offered, require a representative (preferably the captain) to attend an important meeting before the season starts. This meeting addresses the subject areas such as rule interpretations, facilities, schedule explanations, and general discussion relevant to the specific sport at hand.

The meetings are conducted prior to the beginning of the particular season as to inform all participants of the aforementioned subjects. Attendance is mandatory. Two meetings are offered on different dates. Failure to attend one of the two meetings will count as a forfeited game, and could jeopardize your entry into the league.

* Forfeits

1. A forfeit will be administered when a team or individual fails to attend their game or match at game time. Forfeits affect numerous parties and failure to attend a game or match on time will result in a financial penalty (if applicable) and/or automatic elimination from any chance at the playoffs.
2. A forfeit will be administered to any team which has an ineligible participant.
3. A forfeit will be administered to any team which conducts itself in an unsportsmanlike manner.

** Teams giving the Office of Recreation and Intramurals twenty-four (24) hours notice thatthey cannot attend a contest will not be assessed a forfeit, however, they will receive a loss.

* Equipment

The Office of Recreation and Intramurals supplies all game/match equipment.
1. Participants furnish personal equipment.
2. Normal care of the equipment is expected, and all equipment must be returned to the Office regardless of condition.
3. Participants are permitted to wear soft-soled rubber cleated shoes. Metal, fiberglass, or plastic cleated shoes are not permitted.
4. Appropriate attire attire and footwear are required for all activities

* City 6 Extramurals

The Philadelphia City 6 Extramural Classic invites intramural champions from four team sports (flag football, volleyball, basketball, and softball) to compete in three separate divisions (men's, women's, and co-rec). The City 6 is composed of Drexel University, LaSalle University, Saint Joseph's University, Temple University, University of Pennsylvania, and Villanova University. In most cases, intramural champions are invited to participate, depending upon eligibility and league schedules. Each tournament is administered and conducted under the guidelines set by the City 6 committee.

The City 6 was initiated in 1986 by representatives from Temple University and Saint Joseph's University. The first tournament was held in Fall of 1986 at Franklin Field on the University of Pennsylvania Campus. Since that time, participants have competed at locations such as DuPont Pavilion, the Palestra, Villanova Stadium, Hayman Hall, and Saint Joseph's Alumni Memorial Fieldhouse. The City 6 is considered one of the most comprehensive extramural programs in the nation. It has been a presentation topic at regional and national conferences and has served as a model for similar programs.

The philosophy of the City 6 Extramural Classic is based upon three goals:
1. The promotion of recreational sports on college campuses.
2. The provision of extramural competition and social interaction between participating schools.
3. The establishment of an avenue by which teams can exhibit good sportsmanship while competing against top intramural talent from area schools.

During the past few years, the City 6 Committee has worked diligently to provide an arena for the realization of this philosophy. It is the responsibility of every participant to recognize the importance of these goals and compete/participate under such a premise. Enjoying oneself id the goal, but not at the expense of others.

For further information on how you and your team may qualify for the City 6 activities, contact the Office of Recreation and Intramurals.