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Student Outreach & Support: WADE (Wellness, Alcohol & Drug Education)

Wellness, Alcohol & Drug Education (WADE) Program

The Wellness, Alcohol & Drug Education (WADE) Program advocates for a campus community that supports and empowers students to make healthy lifestyles choices thus fostering academic success and a safer and healthier campus community. Through peer education and collaboration with campus and community organizations, WADE provides outreach and support to empower students to make informed and responsible decisions throughout their lives.

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The Wellness, Alcohol & Drug Education (WADE) Program provides the following services for the campus community:

  • Resources and referrals for the entire campus community on wellness, alcohol and other drug issues including support for those in recovery
  • Campus wide events and prevention programs such as the Addiction Speak Out
  • Awareness Weeks full of activities and information focused on a variety of wellness topics such as alcohol awareness week, eating disorder awareness week and more
  • Provide individual or group educational sessions focused on low to no-risk choices around alcohol and other drugs
  • Presentations and workshops for student groups about wellness, alcohol other drugs issues including violence: Request a Workshop 
  • Classroom support for topics related to wellness, alcohol and other drug issues including violence
  • Training for student leaders, faculty and staff on wellness, alcohol and other drug issues including violence
  • Proactive educational campaigns such as iCARE about how to help a friend in need iCARE
  • Provide connections to events occurring on and off campus that are fun and free: Join the Weekender Listserv 
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