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Student Outreach & Support: WADE (Wellness, Alcohol & Drug Education)

Addiction Awareness Week


ADDICTION AWARENESS WEEK          April 15, 2013 - April 19, 2013



Poetry/Creative Writing Contest  submissions via weblink below DUE April 8th at 5pm  WINNER ANNOUCED at the Speak Out on April 18th 

The Winner is Genevieve Philbin! Congratulations, Genevieve. 

This contest gives students who have had experiences with addiction, whether they are an addict themselves or they have family members or friends who are addicts, the opportunity to express their feelings about and familiarity with addiction. Entries should be no more than 250 words in any literary format. The winner will be chosen by peer educators, based on creativity, content, and connection to addiction. The


At the Crossroads of Addiction and Recovery in Forum Theater during free period - 1130-1230pm Hosted by WADE Peer Educators and Mike Greenstein, SJU Class of 2013

Join us for this town hall type panel discussion to start off Addiction Awareness Week!  Numerous students, staff and alumni who suffer from some type of addiction will share how they took the road less traveled, the road to recovery.  Questions from the crowd are highly encouraged in this interactive event.  Professionals who help those who suffer from addiction will also be there to offer their opinions as well.  There are all types of ways to be in recovery so come support your fellow hawks by listening to what they did at the crossroads.


For those that missed it: here is a video taping of the panel - -


Law and Order: SVU in Sourin Lounge   from 7-830pm  refreshments included  Hosted by WADE Peer Educators and Residence Life

Watch and learn...   Popcorn provided!



Write Off Addiction: Speak Out outside Campion during free period - 1130-1230pm  Hosted by WADE Peer Educators

You do not want to miss this event!  All are invited to come to this open mic event to listen, to share and to support one another.  Those who are impacted in any way by addiction, either personally or through a loved one, are welcome to speak and share their thoughts or experiences.  The winning submission of the Poetry/Creative Writing Contest will be printed in the program and spoken to start the event.  All other submissions will be displayed as well.   

Come to listen, come to learn, come to be inspired... That's the MAGIS.



Use the hashtag #SJUaddiction to share your own story, post your support or reflect on information you have learned.  We want to keep talking about all types of addictions and not allow our fellow Hawks to struggle silently or alone.  Show your support and use the hashtag #SJUaddiction in Facebook, Twitter and Instagram this week.



**If you are struggling with an addiction or are looking for support for yourself or a friend, please reach out to Wellness, Alcohol and Drug Education (WADE) at or stop into Campion 212.  You can also contact the Peer Educators for more resources at  There is help.  There is hope.  You are not alone.**