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"Think About It" Course Instructions

Incoming Freshman: "Think About It" prepares new college students for the unique challenges and responsibilities of college life. Focusing on minimizing risks associated with alcohol, drugs, and sexual violence, Think About It takes a harm-reduction approach that resonates with students and results in a healthy campus culture.  

All incoming SJU First Year Students and Transfer Students are required to complete this 3-part course. 

Adult and Graduate Students: "Think About It" reviews common issues for students of all ages related to alcohol, drugs and sexual violence and includes scenarios and case studies specific to graduate student and adult student experiences.

All adult/graduate students are encouraged to complete this course.


Directions to Complete Required Course: Think About It

1.  Go to Campus Clarity ( to sign up and get started.  You will first be asked for your SJU email address (example It will then ask for your first and last name and student ID to ensure you are meant to take this course.  Please use your given name and NOT a nickname.  Your SJU student ID starts with "10" followed by 6 digits; there are no letters in your student ID number.  (example: 10580000)

2.  Your log-in ID is your full SJU email address (example:  Your password is your SJU student ID number (example: 10580000). 

3. Once log in is complete, follow the prompts for the brief questionnaire.  The responses to the questions throughout the course are not connected to any identifying information.  The entire course is anonymous and confidential.  The only item tracked with your name is your completion of the course. 

3.  Once submitted, you will be directed to a "My Courses" page.  Find Think About It and click the green start button to begin. 

  • Freshman: The entire course will take about roughly 1.5-2 hours to complete but you can log in and out should you need to.  This course must be completed by Friday, August 21, 2015 at 5pm.
  • Adults/Graduate Students: The entire course will take about 30 minutes to complete but you can log in and out should you need to. The course should be completed by Friday, June 19, 2015 at 5pm.

If you experience any technical difficulty, please click on the "Questions" link which is located at the bottom of every page. 

     Tech Tip: Be sure to use an updated browser like Google Chrome rather than Internet Explorer or Firefox. 

If you need technical support, plase contact: or call 1-800-652-9546.


If you have other questions, please contact:

Wellness, Alcohol & Drug Education (WADE) Program

Phone: 610-660-3462