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Alcohol Awareness Week

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ALCOHOL AWARENESS WEEK 2015: October 25-November 1

Join us in learning about alcohol and the impact it has on ourselves, our campus and our society by attending any of the events throughout the week.  The events throughout the week focus on educating our community about the warning signs of overdose, of addiction and of suicide in order to provide support and resources for those who suffer.  

time for change

NOW is #ATime4Change.  

It is time to change the culture around alcohol abuse that normalizes and supports high risk drinking during college. It is time to change the perception that "everyone drinks" or worse yet, "everyone drinks to black out."  It is time to change the rates of overdose deaths in America and on college campuses.  It is time to change the way people view addiction.  It is time to change the way our society treats addicts and start understanding the disease as a public health concern.  It is time to change the perception that college students are too young to be addicts.  It is time to change the rates of suicide among young people.  It is time to change the stigma associated with mental illness and addiction. It is time to change people's lives for the better by understanding warning signs and reaching out to help others when we see a need.  NOW is A TIME TO CHANGE.

Will you join us? 

Sunday, October 25, 2015

7pm:  Mass at the Chapel will have a Special Dedication to honor those silently suffering from addiction and all those who are lost due to alcohol-related tragedies including overdose, addiction, suicide.  Join us to kick off the week with a spiritual connection to the topic.


Wednesday, October 28, 2015

9am-5pm: Black Out Day is an annual awareness event at SJU to promote healthy choices and reflect on the impact of alcohol on our community while honoring those who are not longer with us due to alcohol.  Those participating in Black Out Day will wear a Black Out Day T-shirt and take a vow of silence from 9am-5pm. Often, participants do this to honor a loved one they lost due to addiction, overdose, suicide or accidents such as DUI.  

During this time, the participant can not speak or communicate in any way including via text, Facebook or any other social media and at any time including in class, at lunch or hanging with friends.  This silence is to represent what it would be like if that person was lost due to an alcohol-related tragedy and no longer able to participate as an active member in our community.

                                  Please respect the silence of those participating in Black Out Day.


530pm-7pm: Black Out Day Dinner and Discussion is open to the entire campus commjunity.  All are invited to come together as participants break their silence to discuss how we can work together to address alcohol on our campus.  We will hear from those who took the vow of silence as well as those who witnessed it and reflect on the impact alcohol has on our community. To RSVP to attend this dinner, complete this form.  

     To register for Black Out Day to either participate in this Day of Silence or to RSVP to attend the Dinner and Discussion or both, complete this form.


Friday, October 30, 2015: 

8pm: The weekly Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meeting will take place in Campion, Sunroom 2.  This meeting is open to those with a desire to stop drinking.


10pm-2am: We support the Black Student Union's Annual Halloween Dance Party and Costume Contest in the Perch for just $2 for SJU students and $5 for non-SJU students.  Stop by The Perch to meet others, dance and enjoy the music!  


SUNDAY, November 1, 2015: 

5pm: Yoga for Recovery will take place in O'Pake fitness room and is open to all levels and abilities. This class will focus on life in recovery and is FREE but yogis must RSVP as space is limited.  Please RSVP here


time for change


**If you are struggling with an addiction or are looking for support for yourself or a friend, please reach out to Wellness, Alcohol and Drug Education (WADE) at or stop into Campion 212.  You can also contact the Peer Educators for more resources at  There is help.  There is hope.  You are not alone.**