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Student Outreach & Support: WADE (Wellness, Alcohol & Drug Education)

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Question (July 5, 2013): I just got out of rehab. Any meetings on campus?

Answer (July 5, 2013): Congratulations! and Yes. At SJU, we have one meeting that occurs on campus each week: Narcotics Anonymous (NA) is held every Wednesday at 730pm in Sunroom II in Campion. There are many more meetings closeby and all resources for support can be found on our website under Resources for Students in Recovery. Also, feel free to reach out to self-identify with our office so we can provide you more resources such as connecting you with others in recovery on campus. One day at a time - I wish you a life-time of living in recovery.


Question (July 2, 2013): What is there to do other than drink at SJU? I mean, I don't want to drink but I feel like I might have to in order to make friends.

Answer (July 2, 2013): I understand your concern as most of pop culture portrays college as one big party. But that is simply not the way it is at college. I suggest getting involved in clubs, organizations or activities you enjoy. The Activities Fair will take place the first Thursday of school and will showcase the many opportunities to get involved on campus. Participating in activities you enjoy is the best way to make friends who will share in your values.

SJU is a community that respects one another and everyone will respect your choice to not drink. And you will not be alone. Last year 22% of incoming freshman were non-drinkers and each year it goes up. Hopefully at Orientation coming up next week you will learn more about the culture here and meet some other freshmen with whom you can relate. While here you can also sign up for the Weekender: a email that goes out once a week that compiles fun and free things to do in the city. Philadelphia offers a wide variety of options including shows, concerts, comedians, restaurants and more.

Just remember that you will fit in and you will find friends you can relate to if you give it a chance. See you soon here on Hawk Hill!