Student Life

Student Outreach & Support: WADE (Wellness, Alcohol & Drug Education)

Related Policies and Laws

The health and safety of every SJU community member is of paramount importance therefore SJU has instituted numerous policies to keep our entire campus community safe. 

SJU Alcohol Policy 

SJU Drug Policy

SJU Help Seeker Policy 

SJU Sexual Violence Policy 

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has numerous initiatives to curb underage drinking and over-consumption by college students.  The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board (PLCB) has developed coalitions with colleges to promote strategies that reduce dangerous drinking among students.   Below are some laws and the penalty that a student might face upon conviction on Pennsylvania.  If a student if found to break the law, there are consequences on campus as well.

PA Underage drinking Here

PA Fake ID Here

Manufacturing/Selling Fake ID Here