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Student Outreach & Support: WADE (Wellness, Alcohol & Drug Education)

Resources for Students in Recovery

Resources for Students in Recovery

Congratulations on making an effort to be in recovery.  Addiction is a tough disease to conquer but you are on the right track!  Here at SJU, we have numerous services and resources to help you on this journey.

You are not alone in the recovery community at SJU.  There are many other students like you who would love to meet you.  To find others in this community, please reach out to our staff.  We can connect you with other students in recovery who have volunteered their names and contact information to support fellow students. We also know faculty and staff at SJU as well as alumni in the area who are willing to mentor/sponsor or simply talk to students in this community.

So reach out and let us know who you are and what we can do to support you.


Narcotics Anonymous (NA): Every Wednesday at 7:30pm in Sunroom 2 in Campion Student Center.

To find additional meetings nearby, visit:


Alcoholics Anonymous (AA): Every Thursday at 8:30pm, Saturday at 7am and 10am at Villanova University’s campus Health Center, Room 200.

Villanova's resources 

To find additional meetings nearby, visit:


You can also find meetings on your phone!  Download the Steps Away app (or find another you like) directly to your Iphone, Droid or IPad.  The Steps Away app can help you find and add meetings to your calendar, share recovery reading materials and join groups.


The New Leaf Club is a non-profit education and entertainment youth center in Rosemont which is one train stop away or about a 10 minute drive.  They offer a space for college students with free wifi, a coffee bar and a space for meetings, open mic events and fitness classes.  FREE.  Check it out!


Substance Free Events:

Sign up for the Weekend Listserv – to get an email every Thursday regarding fun and free events happening on campus and in the Philadelphia area.  

For more information regarding on campus events, visit the Student Union Board’s calendar or join the SUB yourself to help bring your favorite events to campus! 


Education and Assessments:

Know the difference between abuse and addiction?  Find out! 

Unsure if you have a problem with alcohol or drugs?  Schedule a brief assessment with a WADE staff member.  Call 610-660-3462 or stop by Campion 212.  

The following links are free, brief, online assessment tools on alcohol and marijuana.  Both will take under 10 minutes to complete and provide personalized feedback regarding your responses.  If you would like to discuss your assessment in detail, please schedule an appointment with a WADE staff member.  Call 610-660-3462 or stop by Campion 212.