Education B.S.

Educators shape future generations each day. Being a teacher takes more than a desire to help others learn and grow into successful adults. Understanding human psychology, problem solving and having leadership skills all contribute to making a positive impact on a student.

Saint Joseph’s offers two education majors with flexible scheduling:

Early Childhood/Elementary Education (Pre-K-4)

Early childhood education goes beyond learning the basics of reading and arithmetic. Saint Joseph’s program delves into the many psychological, emotional and mental developments that contribute to the learning process, equipping graduates with the insights needed to make the greatest impact in the classroom. Foundation courses in elementary education cover child development, social/emotional motor development, and cognition and learning.

Elementary education majors explore subjects including: reading literature, enhancing curriculum using technology, and re-examining math, science, social studies and the arts. Students at SJU are required to participate in field experiences – formal school events that provide interaction with students under the supervision of current teachers and administrators. Once field experiences have been completed, student teaching allows majors to take all they’ve learned in the classroom and apply it to classrooms in the region.

Elementary Education (Pre-K-4)/Special Education (K-8)

In addition to the foundations of elementary education, students in this track will learn the importance of assessment and evaluation in education and social and motor development, among other developmental areas. Examinations of high incidence disabilities, behavioral disorders and teaching in an inclusive environment are paired with real-world student teaching experience to put theory into practice. Saint Joseph’s addresses the moral challenges that arise, especially when educating students with disabilities, and helps students prepare to address real-world problems as leaders and educators.