English B.A.

The ability to concisely communicate an idea, a problem or a story is a valuable skill in any profession. From the classroom to the boardroom, English majors are not only meticulous with each word choice, but they are able to convey critical information in an engaging way to many different audiences. Saint Joseph’s fosters imaginative intelligence of students while enriching their professional skill set. Across all industries and fields, advanced skills in reading, writing and speaking are valuable. With a Saint Joseph’s education, you get the one-on-one attention and hands-on experience necessary to succeed in nearly any professional environment.

Students may pursue either a concentration in English literature or professional writing and speaking.

English Literature Concentration

The English literature concentration gives an introduction to the most formative traditions - generic, historical and critical - of British and American letters. Critical and analytical skills are developed by courses and seminars that offer an in-depth examination of a single author or specific topic.  Saint Joseph’s broadens the scope of knowledge surrounding the texts of Shakespeare and Thoreau with courses in other related subjects: faith and reason, anthropology, mathematics, moral foundation and many more. This gives graduates a perspective and context for these works, allowing them to think, criticize and converse successfully with greater intellectual depth.

Professional Writing and Speaking Concentration or Certificate

An English degree with a concentration in professional writing and speaking at Saint Joseph’s is more than reading, writing and speaking – it’s doing. Taken as an eight-course certification, or as a concentration within the English major, the program covers the theories and techniques of rhetoric as they are applied in particular professional fields. Course offerings include techniques on business presentation, public relations and writing for the Internet, all encouraging students to communicate coherently, inventively, and with purpose.