Gaming and Animation Concentration

From the simple graphics of Atari to the 3-D animation in the latest computer games, it is easy to see that the world of gaming and animation is growing rapidly. To meet the rising demand for a talented and skilled workforce, Saint Joseph’s offers a six-course certificate that may also be taken as a concentration in the Bachelor of Science in professional and liberal studies.

The program enhances students’ skills in mathematics, software development and advanced programming in addition to development of animation skills. Specific coursework covers topics like programming techniques, digital photography, advanced computer graphics and artificial intelligence, among others. Participants acquire hands-on experience and expert guidance in game design, 3-D character animation and texture image manipulation with Adobe’s Creative Suite. Students will also learn programming and technology aspects of the industry to create dynamic video game concepts, characters and story lines.

Upon completing the certificate or degree, graduates often work for computer game manufacturers or professional designers.


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