About the Initiative for Family Business and Entrepreneurship

The collaboration between academia and industry has been a strength of Saint Joseph's Haub School of Business since its founding. It is with this model in mind that the University introduced the Initiative for Family Business and Entrepreneurship alongside the academic major and minor.

The Initiative for Family Business and Entrepreneurship aims to build a community of family businesses and entrepreneurs who are committed to continuous improvement via education, benchmarking and the implementation of new strategies for long-term economic growth; create a world-class academic experience for undergraduate students; and develop a research program that continually renews our understanding of the needs for entrepreneurial and family enterprising success.

Membership is offered at a cost to family enterprises. Benefits of membership include world class education and benchmarking seminars, creation of a customized ownership strategic plan, entrepreneurial skill building for successor generation and non-family managers, affinity groups, networking, and customized solutions via our consulting company.

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