Probation, Parole, and Corrections

This program is intended to assist professional probation, parole, and correction officers or those interested in entering these or other community-based positions to address the fundamental client and organizational problems that might confront them.

Please note the new course listings and their previous names in parenthesis.

Core courses (four required, as specified under Degree Requirements)

Specialized area courses (select any four listed below)
CRJ 627 Contemporary Criminology: Scope and Application (SOC 4105)
CRJ 647 Problems in Contemporary Corrections (SOC 4145)
CRJ 648 Contemporary Probation, Parole, and Community Corrections (SOC 4155)
CRJ 603 The Criminal Justice Process: Policy Values, Efficiency and Due Process (SOC 4185)
CRJ 616 Juvenile Justice and Delinquency: Issues and Responses (SOC 4245)
CRJ 615 Youth Cultures and Deviance (SOC 4435)
CRJ 607 Multiculturalism and Diversity (SOC 4515)
CRJ 631 Criminal Jurisprudence (SOC 4525)
CRJ 620 Evidence Based Practice in Substance Abuse and Behaviorial Health (SOC 4675)
CRJ 619 Foundations of Addictions for Criminal Justice Professionals (SOC 4805)
CRJ 655 Inside/Out: Exploring Crime and Justice Behind Bars (

Restorative Justice
CRJ 628 Victimology (SOC 4125)
CRJ 650 Victim-offender Mediation (SOC 4445)
CRJ 651 Restorative Justice: Theory (SOC 4475)
CRJ 652 Restorative Justice: Practice (SOC 4485)

Electives (two required)
Selected from any Criminal Justice course.

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