Environmental Protection and Safety Management M.S.

The master's program in environmental protection and safety management responds to a continued demand for safe and healthy work and public environments.  The program provides graduates with essential administrative skills while meeting and exceeding standards set forth by regulating agencies. At Saint Joseph’s University, the curriculum meets the professional goals of those working at agencies such as the Environmental Protection Agency, state and local Departments of Environmental Protection, as well as FEMA and PEMA.

Earning an M.S. in environmental protection and safety management prepares graduates to protect lives, property and the physical environment in our technologically developed, sophisticated world. Coursework includes seminars on disaster planning and management, environmental law, risk analysis, environmental crime, strategic planning for the public safety sector, as well as research and evaluation.

Because of the growing scope and complexity of threats in the workplace, community and world, graduates of the program will be prepared for careers as leaders and managers in both the private and public sectors. In fact, most corporations have positions or entire units that manage environmental and occupational health and safety. Graduates of the master’s program at Saint Joseph's University will be more than able to face the challenges of today’s world and effect positive change as they protect our environment.

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