Gerontological Services M.S.

Gerontology professionals who understand the changing needs of the elderly are in demand now more than ever. At Saint Joseph’s University, the gerontological services master’s program seeks to advance understanding of older adults and the aging process; to advocate on behalf of the elderly; and to develop and administer innovative programs and services targeting their needs.

Earning an M.S. in gerontological services prepares students with a core curriculum of biological, psychological and social principles of adult development and aging. Students can opt to concentrate their studies in planning and development, human services administration or in gerontological counseling. Students will not only attain classroom experience from experts in the field, but also gain invaluable professional experience through the program’s internship requirement. As the baby boomer generation continues to mature, demand for expertise in gerontology will grow significantly, and Saint Joseph’s University prepares individuals to address counseling, planning and management of the growing elderly population.

Graduates of Saint Joseph’s have established successful careers in the field and hold positions in social services agencies, long-term care facilities, educational institutions and more. In addition, students graduate the program prepared for leadership in this growing field by preparing them to truly work “with and for others, ” deeply affecting lives of the elderly for the greater good.