Food Marketing Research M.S.

At Saint Joseph's University, food marketing is more than a major, it's a multifaceted enterprise with a 50-year tradition. It's also a research hub for the food industry, with grants funded by the U.S.D.A. and other areas of government, along with private industry and nonprofits.

Students interested in the food marketing master of science (MSFM) degree will study the important issues affecting the food industry and learn from faculty who inform and influence public policy. Faculty, many of whom sit in appointed government and board positions, research areas such as nutrition, labeling, organics, retailing, food accessibility, international food marketing, obesity, and food safety. MSFM students have an opportunity to engage with these faculty, and with their research, at the ground level.

This research-focused curriculum exposes students to consumer trends, federal regulations and global policies that influence the food industry. Through this program, students are also encouraged to explore and investigate their own research opportunities. In recent years, MSFM students have published their research findings and/or presented papers at international conferences.

The potential candidate for this program is someone interested in agribusiness or the pursuit of a Ph.D. in the field. Many graduates also pursue careers in analytics with data companies such as Nielsen or Information Resources, Inc. The research and career opportunities in the food industry are vast. Students who have a keen interest in influencing our world through their food marketing research are encouraged to apply.

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