Degree Requirements

For students who entered SJU in the fall of 2010 or later, or transfer students who entered SJU on the GEP curriculum.

GEP Signature Courses (See Curricula): six courses

GEP Variable Courses (See Curricula): six to nine courses, including

Social/Behavioral Science:

SOC 101

Introductory Sociology

GEP Overlays (See Curricula): three courses

GEP Integrative Learning Component: three courses

MAT 118

Introduction to Statistics

Service Learning

Any SL course will satisfy this requirement.

Social Science

Choice of 1 course from ECN 101, ECN 102, POL 101,

POL 103, POL 105, POL 107

GEP Electives: seven elective courses that students may select as appropriate for their own intellectual, aesthetic, moral or career development in Criminal Justice.

Major Concentration:

Major concentration:

ACC 101

Concepts of Financial Accounting

SOC 102

Social Problems

SOC 206

Theories of Crime

SOC 207

Juvenile Justice

SOC 219

Social Deviance

SOC 225

Intorduction to American Criminal Justice

SOC 312-313

Social Research Methods I-II & Data Analysis

SOC 470

Special Topics

SOC 495

Seminar I

and four other APPROVED Criminal Justice courses numbered above SOC 102. Approved courses are indicated in the Sociology course descriptions.

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