Degree Requirements

Students seeking a minor are required to select six courses from the program’s listings with no more than two from the same academic discipline. GEN 201 Seminar in Feminist Theories must be one of the six courses. Students are encouraged, but not required, to take GEN 470 Selected Topics in Gender Studies. Students may select courses from the following list:

ART 107

* Women in Art

ART 207

*Race-Gender in American Art and Architecture

ART 266

*Women in Modern Theatre

EDU 369

Perspectives of Women in Education

ENG 205

*Cultural Differences Men and Women: Lesbian and Gay Narratives

ENG 205

*Women and Men Writing their Lives

ENG 205

*Cultural Diversity: African American Literature

ENG 208

Special Topics: Contemporary American Women Poets

ENG 405

*The Eighteenth-Century Novel: Genre, Gender, and Class

ENG 404

*Exploring Post-colonialism

ENG 405

*Nineteenth-Century Authors: Jane Austen

ENG 443

*Feminist Narrative Strategies

ENG 444

*Writing Through Race and Gender

ENG 431

Elizabeth the Queen

ENG 481

Images of Women in Literature

FRE 470

Major French Authors: French Women Writers of the Middle

HIS 351

*Gender, Ideology, and Revolution in East Asia

HIS 385

History of Women in America Since 1820

HIS 472

Colloquium in European History: Gender and Authority, 500-1600

ITA 455

Women’s Voices in Italian Fiction

MGT 150

*Gender in the Workplace

MGT 212

*Managing Workforce Diversity

PHL 446

*Feminist Epistemology

PHL 395

*Feminist Perspectives on Self, Identity, and Moral Development

PHL 395

*Contemporary Issues in a Diverse Society

POL 323

*Women, Gender, and American Politics

POL 368

*Global Gender Issues

PSY 121

Child Development

PSY 123

*Psychology of Men/Women

PSY 124

*Human Sexuality

PSY 150

*Gender in the Workplace

PSY 152

Psychology of Violence and Aggression

PSY 212

*Multicultural Psychology

PSY 233

*Adulthood and Aging

PSY 235

*Psychology of Gender

PSY 494

*Gender, Occupational Choice and Occupational Success

REL 382

*Women and Religion in the Ancient World

SOC 102

*Social Problems

SOC 208

*Sociology of Gender

SOC 209

*Marriage and the Family

SOC 232

*The Sociology of Human Sexuality

SOC 254

*Violence and Victims

SOC 286

*Violence in Intimate Relationships

SOC 322

*The Culture and Politics of Motherhood

SOC 351

*Gender and the Law

SOC 356

*Gender, Crime, and Criminal Justice

SPA 446

Romanticism and Realism: Heroes, Angels, and Villains in Nineteenth Century Spanish Literature

SPA 455

Women in Spanish Literature

THE 342

Women in Muslim Tradition

THE 335

*Gender and Christian Spirituality

THE 357

*Feminist Theologies

* Course may also satisfy a GEP requirement.

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