Adam Gregerman, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor and Assistant Director of Institute for Jewish-Catholic Relations
Specialization: Jewish Studies; Jewish-Christian Relations
Office: Bellarmine Hall 230B
Phone: 610-660-1878
Website: See also the Institute for Jewish-Catholic Relations


B.A., Amherst College
M.T.S., Harvard University Divinity School
Ph.D., Columbia University

Professional Experience

Member, Committee on Ethics, Religion, and the Holocaust at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum; Board Member, Council of Centers on Jewish-Christian Relations; Academic Advisor: National Council of Synagogues; Book Review Editor, Studies in Christian-Jewish Relations; Consultant, Christian Scholars Group on Christian-Jewish Relations

Courses Taught


Jerusalem: History and Holiness

Jewish and Christian Interpretations of the Bible

Jewish and Christian Responses to the Holocaust

Introduction to the New Testament

Jewish and Christian Theologies: A Comparative Approach

Jews and Christians: Entwined Histories

The Sabbath in Judaism and Christianity



Building on the Ruins of the Temple: Apologetics and Polemics in Early Christianity and Rabbinic Judaism (Series: Texts and Studies in Ancient Judaism no. 165), Tübingen: Mohr Siebeck, 2016. Click here

Journal articles and book chapters:

“Is the Biblical Land Promise Irrevocable?: Post Nostra Aetate Catholic Theologies of the Jewish Covenant and the Land of Israel,” Modern Theology 34 (2018) 173-58. PDF iconClick here

“Superiority without Supersessionism: Walter Kasper and The Gifts and the Calling of God are Irrevocable on the Status of God’s Covenant with the Jews after Jesus,” Theological Studies 79 (2018) 36-59. PDF iconClick here

“Israel as the ‘Hermeneutical Jew’ in Protestant Statements on Israel: Four Presbyterian Examples,” Israel Affairs 23 (2017) 773-93. [revised version of “Israel als ‘Hermeneutischer Jude’ in Protestantischen Erklärungen zu Land und Staat Israel”] PDF iconClick here

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“Old Wine in New Bottles: Liberation Theology and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict,” Journal of Ecumenical Studies 41 (2004) 313-40. PDF iconClick here


Grants and Awards

Faculty Research Grant, Saint Joseph’s University (Summer 2015).

Fellow, Summer Seminars in Theologies of Religious Pluralism and Comparative Theology, American Academy of Religion / Henry Luce Foundation (Atlanta, GA, May-June 2012; May-June 2013).

Coolidge Scholar, Annual Research Colloquium, Association for Religion and Intellectual Life (New York, NY, June 2012).


Jewish Studies, Jewish-Christian Relations, Biblical Interpretation and Hermeneutics, Theologies of the Land of Israel, Christian Theologies of Jews and Judaism, Theodicy, Mission and Conversion