Adam Gregerman, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor and Assistant Director of Institute for Jewish-Catholic Relations
Specialization: Jewish Studies; Jewish-Christian Relations
Office: Bellarmine Hall 230B
Phone: 610-660-1878
Website: See also the Institute for Jewish-Catholic Relations


B.A. in Religion (magna cum laude), Amherst College
M.T.S. in Scriptural Interpretation, Harvard Divinity School
Ph.D. in Religion, Columbia University 

Professional Experience

Member, Committee on Ethics, Religion, and the Holocaust at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum; Board Member, Council of Centers on Jewish-Christian Relations; Academic Advisor: National Council of Synagogues; Book Review Editor, Studies in Christian-Jewish Relations; Consultant, Christian Scholars Group on Christian-Jewish Relations

Courses Taught


Jerusalem: History and Holiness

Jewish and Christian Interpretations of the Bible

Jewish and Christian Responses to the Holocaust

Introduction to the New Testament

Jewish and Christian Theologies: A Comparative Approach

Jews and Christians: Entwined Histories

The Sabbath in Judaism and Christianity

The New Testament and Christian Attitudes toward Jews and Judaism



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Grants and Awards

Contemporary Pedagogy and the Ignatian Tradition Summer Faculty Development Seminar, Office of Teaching and Learning and the Office of the Provost, Saint Joseph’s University (Summer 2018)

Faculty Research Grant, Saint Joseph’s University (Summer 2015).

Fellow, Summer Seminars in Theologies of Religious Pluralism and Comparative Theology, American Academy of Religion / Henry Luce Foundation (Atlanta, GA, May-June 2012; May-June 2013).

Coolidge Scholar, Annual Research Colloquium, Association for Religion and Intellectual Life (New York, NY, June 2012).

Transforming Troubling Tellings: The History of the Deicide Charge and the Holocaust, Summer Seminar for Seminary Faculty and Professors of Religious Studies, Center for Advanced Holocaust Studies, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (Summer 2011)



Jewish Studies, Jewish-Christian Relations, Biblical Interpretation and Hermeneutics, Theologies of the Land of Israel, Christian Theologies of Jews and Judaism, Theodicy, Mission and Conversion