April Lindner, Ph.D.

Office: Merion Hall 134
Phone: (610) 660-1882
Email: alindner@sju.edu


  • B.A., University of New Hampshire, 1984
  • M.F.A., Sarah Lawrence College, 1989
  • Ph.D., University of Cincinnati, 1998

Professional Experience

General Fields of Professional Interest

creative writing (poetry, fiction, nonfiction)
Contemporary American poetry
20th century American fiction
women writers

Pedagogical Style

I use a combination of discussion, colaborative work, peer editing workshops (both class-wide and small group), invention exercises (in writing classes) and mini-lectures when necessary. I'm a strong believer in the writing workshop. By serving as each other's editors and trusted readers, student writers can become better critics of their own writing. Over the course of a semester, I like to work toward a decentralized classroom, providing a great deal of guidance at the start and gradually stepping back so that students are running more of the show.

Courses Taught

  • ENGL 342 Fiction Writing: The Young Adult Novel
  • English 2201: Introduction to Creative Writing
  • English 2211: Poetry Workshop
  • English 4335: Poetry Workshop (graduate level)
  • English 4105: Poetry Today (graduate level)
  • ENGL 446: Advanced Writing Project 



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Catherine . New York: Poppy (Little, Brown), 2013.

This Bed Our Bodies Shaped : Poems . San Jose: Able Muse Press, 2012.


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Anthologies and Textbooks

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Selected Editorial Projects:

Contemporary Poetry of the United States. Ed. April Lindner. Moscow: OGI Press, 2007. A bilingual anthology in Russian and English.

Lineas Conectadas: Poesia Nueva de los Estados Unidos. Ed. April Lindner. Louisville, KY: Sarabande Books, 2006. A bilingual anthology in Spanish and English.

Contemporary American Poetry. Ed. R. S. Gwynn and April Lindner. New York: Longman/Penguin Academics, 2004.