Benjamin H. Liebman, Ph.D.

Professor of Economics
Specializations: International Trade, Steel Industry
Office: Barbelin 107G; Office Hours: TBA
Phone: (610) 660-1553

Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Dr. Liebman graduated from Oberlin College in 1993 as an English major and received his Ph.D. from the University of Oregon in 2003, where he specialized in international economics and applied microeconomics. His current research focuses on the impact of U.S. trade policy as well as the steel industry.


  • B.A. Oberlin College, 1993
  • M.S. University of Oregon, 2000
  • Ph.D. University of Oregon, 2003

Professional Experience

Dr. Liebman joined the SJU Economics Department in 2003, and served as Department Chair from 2010-2016. He also served as Director of the International Relations Program in 2009. Dr. Liebman's research appears in several academic journals, including Journal of International Economics, Journal of Law and Economics, Canadian Journal of Economics, Southern Journal of Economcis, Review of International Economics, Review of World Economics, Review of Industrial Organization, Empirical Economics, and World Economy. Dr. Liebman has also provided consulting services on the steel industry, a central topic in his research, and has been interviewed by various television, radio, and print media outlets. 

Courses Taught

International Trade, Econometrics, Economic Forecasting, Economics of Multinational Enterprises, International Economics, Industrial Organization, Ethics and Globalization, Microeconomic Theory, Managerial Economics, Principles of Microeconomics, Principles of Macroeconomics, Online Principles Microeconomics, Online Principles Macroeconomics.


Refereed Publications

  • “Trade Liberalization, Import Competition, and U.S.  Manufacturing Investment?” with Kara Reynolds, World Economy, 38(11): 1763-1780, November 2015.       

  • "World Trade Organization Sanctions, Implementation, and Retaliation," with Kasaundra Tomlin, Empirical Economics, 48(2): 715-45, March 2015.

  • “Innovation through Protection: Does Safeguard Protection Increase Investment in Research and Development?” with Kara Reynolds, Southern Economic Journal, 80(1): 205-225, July 2013.

  • “Antidumping and Production-line Exit: The Case of the U.S. Steel Industry,” with Bruce A. Blonigen and Wesley W. Wilson, Review of Industrial Organization, 42(4): 395-413, June 2013.

  • “Are All Trade Protection Policies Created Equal? Empirical Evidence for Nonequivalent Market Power Effects of Tariffs and Quotas,” with Bruce A. Blonigen, Justin Pierce, and Wesley W. Wilson, Journal of International Economics, 89(2): 369-378, March 2013.

  • “Safeguards and Retaliatory Threats,” with Kasaundra M. Tomlin, Journal of Law and Economics, 51(2): 351-276, May 2008.

  • “Steel Safeguards and the Welfare of U.S. Steel Firms and Downstream Consumers of Steel: A Shareholder Wealth Perspective,” with Kasaundra M. Tomlin, Canadian Journal of Economics, 40(3) 812-842, August 2007.

  • “Self-Protection-Antidumping Duties, Collusion, and FDI,” with Ronald B. Davies, Review of International Economics, 14(5): 741-757 (lead article), November 2006.

  • “The Returns from Rent Seeking: Campaign Contributions, Firm Subsidies, and the Byrd Amendment,” with Kara M. Reynolds, Canadian Journal of Economics, 39(4): 1345- 1369, November 2006. (2007 Harry Johnson Prize for Best Article Published in the CJE).

  • “Safeguards, China, and the Price of Steel,” Review of World Economics (Weltwirtschaftliches Archiv), 142(2): 354-372, Summer 2006.

  • “ITC Voting Behavior on Sunset Reviews,” Review of World Economics (Weltwirtschaftliches Archiv), 140(3): 446-475, Fall 2004.

Other Publications

  • Review of Understanding Trade Law by Michael Trebilcock, World Trade Review, 11(02): 349-352, April 2011.

  • "Are All Trade Protection Policies Created Equal? Empirical Evidence for Nonequivalent Market Power Effects of Tariffs and Quotas," with Bruce Blonigen, Justin R. Pierce & Wesley W. Wilson, NBER Working Papers 16391, 2010.

Working Papers

  • "I’ve Been Everywhere (Except Mexico): Investor Responses to NAFTA’s Cross-Border Trucking Provisions,” with Ron Davies and Kasaundra Tomlin, under submission.
  • “Does the WTO Government Procurement Agreement Influence Steel Imports?” with Anthony DeCarvalho. 
  • “Competition, Innovation, and Outsourcing,” with Kara Reynolds.

Work in Progress

  • “What Determines Intellectual Property Case Outcomes at the USITC?” with Patrick Curley.

  • “Does the General Procurement Agreement Effect US Imports?” with Anthony de Carvalho.

  • “Chinese Export Tariffs, Metallurgical Coke, and WTO Compliance”, with Yongfeng Cao.


Grants and Awards

  • Harry Johnson Prize for Best Article in the Canadian Journal of Economics, 2007
  • Faculty Research Award:  St. Joseph’s Univ., 2007 & 2015.
  • Morris Grant for Scholarly Research: St. Joseph’s Univ., 2015.
  • Faculty Teaching Award: St. Joseph’s Univ., 2009.
  • Summer Research Grant: St. Joseph's Univ., 2005 & 2013.
  • Outstanding Graduate Teaching Award: U. of Oregon, Economics Dept., 2002.
  • Kleinsorge Research Fellowship: U. of Oregon, Economics Dept., 2001.
  • Graduate Teaching Fellowship: U. of Oregon, Fall 1998 – Spring 2003.


Dr. Liebman is particularly interested in U.S. antidumping policy as well as trade protection in the U.S. steel industry. His work has been published by scholarly journals that include,  Journal of International EconomicsJournal of Law and Economic, Review of World Economics, Review of International Economics, Canadian Journal of Economics, Southern Economic Journal, World Economy, Empirical Economics, Review of Industrial Organizationas well as the National Bureau of Economic Research working paper series.

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