David S. Steingard, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Associate Director of the Pedro Arrupe Center for Business Ethics
Office: Mandeville 309
Phone: (610) 660-3231
Fax: (610) 660-1229
Email: steingar@sju.edu


  • B.S. University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign '86
  • M.A. University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign '88
  • Ph.D. Case Western Reserve University '97

Professional Experience

Tenure Track Appointments

Saint Joseph’s University, Philadelphia, PA (1999-Present) — Assistant Professor

Teaching Areas: Business Ethics, Faith-Justice/Catholic Social Teaching in Business, Socially Responsible Business, Spirituality in Business, Stakeholder Theory, Leadership, Management, Organizational Behavior, Teams, Workforce Diversity, Strategic Management, Empowering Human Potential, and Environmental Management — Undergraduate, Graduate MBA, Executive MBA, Executive Pharmaceutical Marketing MBA, Executive Pharmaceutical Marketing.

Maharishi University of Management, Fairfield, IA (1997-1999) — Assistant Professor

Teaching Areas: Strategic Stakeholder Management, Socially Responsible Business, Strategic Management, Organizational Change and Development, and Spirituality in Business — Undergraduate, Graduate MBA, Ph.D., Distance MBA.

Other Teaching Experience

Attended 15 Organizational Behavior Teaching Conferences (1987-2004).

Taught in-class, distance, and individual Strategic Management courses to MBA and undergraduate students in Iowa (international students), India, Guadeloupe, and Holland, Maharishi University of Management, College of Business and Public Administration, Fairfield, Iowa, 1997-1998.

Participated in “Envisioning and Managing Successful Academic Careers in the Realm of ONE (Organization and Environment),” a professional development seminar at the Academy of Management Annual Meeting, San Diego, Calif., August 9-12, 1998.

Participated in "The Craft of Teaching" seminar, a professional development program at Case Western Reserve University, Fall, 1996.

Sole responsibility for teaching an Organizational Behavior and Analysis course to Case Western Reserve University Weatherhead School of Management MBAs, Summer, 1996.

Taught in the Technology Management Preparation Program at Case Western University's Weatherhead School of Management, Summer, 1995.

Tutored inner-city youth in academic and life skills as part of Project Step-Up at Case Western Reserve University, 1992-1993.

Trained Case Western Reserve University Weatherhead School of Management students on the school's computer software: network, E-mail, word processing, spreadsheets (both PC and Mac), 1991.

Worked as a teaching assistant to an organizational analysis course for Case Western Reserve University Weatherhead School of Management MBAs and MSODs (Master's of Science in Organizational Development), 1991.

Invited Lectures

Guest Lecturer. “Young Managers Program,” Nijenrode University, Holland, Spring, 1998.

Periodic lectures on organizational behavior to Illinois State University undergraduates, Normal, IL, 1991-present.

David S. Steingard, "Business Education in the Global-Ecological Age," presented at The Social Venture Network-European Founding Conference, Amsterdam, Holland, October 28th, 1993.

Lecture on "Vision and Values in Business Organizations: Lessons from The Body Shop," University of Leuven, Belgium, June 3, 1994, to Master’s and Ph.D. students.

Lecture and case study facilitation on "Values and Vision at The Body Shop," March 23, 1995 at The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign to 80 undergraduate business students.

Professional and Consulting Experience

Consultant. Worked within The Body Shop International, PLC on a variety of consulting projects while conducting my Ph.D. research.

Coordinator. Coordinated the "Cleveland Summer Academy," a holistic summer educational experience sponsored by the City of Cleveland and the Cleveland Cavaliers NBA basketball team. Coordinated 60 inner-city eight graders, 3 professional staff, and 5 program assistants throughout an innovative venture to educate students as whole persons--body, mind, and spirit. Summer, 1993.

Consultant. With partner Gurudev Khalsa, successfully facilitated organizational change and development projects with the Northeast Ohio Jazz Society (NOJS), a non-profit arts organization dedicated to the promotion of jazz concerts and education. 1992-1994.

Member of Consultant Team. "Romanian Conference on National Health Care Leadership." Conducted an intensive assessment of the health care system in Romania. Traveled to Romania to select and interview innovative health care officials. Invited them to Case Western where they participated in a 10 day conference designed and facilitated by our consultant team. 1991.

Training Specialist/Culture Development Group. Provided custom training and development programs for managers, supervisors, and staff at CustomerDevelopment Corporation, a database marketing firm in Peoria, IL. Worked directly with CEO on large-scale organizational development and vision dissemination projects. 1990-1991.

Director of Human Resources. Corporate responsibility for organizational development and change at The Gold Coast Group Hotels, a group of intimate European style hotels in Chicago, IL. Performed traditional HR functions: training, organization and job design, employee relations, recruitment and orientation, compensation and benefits administration. 1989-1990.

Training Coordinator. Developed and lead extensive training and development programs throughout The Gold Coast Group Hotels, a group of European style hotels in Chicago, IL. My position was created to "professionally humanize" the organization by documenting and disseminating the vision of the Executive Group. 1988-1989.


Referred Journal Publications

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Book Chapters

Sherman, W. R., Steingard, D. S., & Fitzgibbons, D. E. (2003). "Sustainable Stakeholder Accounting: Beyond Complementarity and Towards Integration in Environmental Accounting." In S. Sharma, & M. Starik (Eds.), Research in Corporate Sustainability: 257-294. Northhampton, MA: Edward Elgar.

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Professional Publications

David S. Steingard and Dale E. Fitzgibbons. (January, 2000). "Stakeholder Management: Challenging the Juggernaut of Globalization," Global Player.

Grants and Awards

David S. Steingard, ONE (Organization and Environment Academy of Management interest group) Doctoral Dissertation Award Finalist, "Values Integration in Socially Responsible Business: From Separation Thesis to Spiritual Relationality," 1998.

David S. Steingard, "Responsibility in Organizing: Values Integration in Socially Responsible Business," Andrew W. Mellon Dissertation Fellowship, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH, Fall 1996.

David S. Steingard, selected by Case Western's Organizational Behavior Department as the 1996 Doctoral Consortium Representative at the Academy of Management.

David S. Steingard, "Responsibility in Organizing: Values Integration in Socially Responsible Business," two-year dissertation research grant at The Body Shop International PLC with 1 year residency in England and continued support during dissertation writing in Cleveland, 1993-1995.

David S. Steingard and Gurudev Khalsa, "Life Transitions in Arts Organizations: Relational Healing in Board and Organizational Development," sponsored by the Mandell Center for Non-Profit Organizations, Arts Management Program, Case Western Reserve University, The Cleveland Foundation, and The Gund Foundation, 1992-1993.

Teaching Awards

Received a Faculty Merit Teaching Award from Saint Joseph's University, 2001.
David S. Steingard, campus-wide "Teacher Appreciation Award," Maharishi University of Management, Fairfield, Iowa, 1997-1998.Teaching Assistant. Sole responsibility for the instruction two sections of an introductory Speech Communication course, 1986-1987. Selected as "outstanding" instructor campus wide at The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

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